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2013: A Look Back

Juliette Crane

2013, for me, was all about making room.

I cleared space to be sure I had the time and inspiration to continue the creative projects my soul aches to put out into the world.

That means, I’m spending the next few months in the sunshine, writing and painting and seeing what flows from this creative sabbatical (you can always check out my instagram for updates, which I’ve been filling with beachy sunset photos).

I’ve also made room for the things I really need and love: more time with Brian, family and friends, dinner parties, and giving myself permission to take more time for myself outside of being creative- which means more field trips to favorite places, walks in nature, yoga and meditation.

2013 was full of bliss.

I am so very grateful for…

*the chance to spend lots of time painting at the beach
*getting stuck with my artwork, realizing it doesn’t have to be perfect, and becoming okay with my weird paintings like Your Heart Makes A Difference, Let It Be, and True Strength
*getting to a new phase in my paintings with pieces like Belief In Magic, True Calling and Listen To The Stars

*my absolutely wonderful husband who took over the editing of my painting videos and everything technical within my business
*everything about my online course How To Pant An Owl 2
*having my whimsical animal paintings and story featured in the March/April issue of Somerset Studio magazine
*having my Snooter characters and their story published in the May/June issue of Somerset Studio magazine
*being a contributor to Tracy Verdugo’s Paint Mojo book
*starting to paint rainbows in pieces like Rainbow Warrior and Peaceful Existence

*the opportunity to spend April on a creative sabbatical in southern California, soaking up sunshine and inspiration
*rereading my novel poolside and realizing I had cut out all of the most imaginative parts (which I am about to rewrite back in)
*seeing all sorts of new artwork in the class galleries
*realizing California was not a place that I could paint (I only finished Dream Catcher), but the perfect place to write and edit my novel
*visiting my brother in Colorado on our drive back to Wisconsin from California
*painting dream girls like Dreams of Peace and Sending Strength

*meeting with my amazing and inspiring friends Danielle Daniel and Mindy Lacefield on the west coast
*teaching with Mindy and Danielle in Port Townsend, Washington and meeting so many inspiring artists
*having my embellished cards and journals published in the Summer issue of Somerset Studio Gallery
*enjoying a beautiful summer in Wisconsin with lots of painting in the backyard
*everything about launching my online course SERENDIPITY-A Year In Mixed Media
*falling in love with using oil paints in pieces like Always With You and Your Gifts Matter

*painting BIG again with pieces like You Are Where You Need To Be, Creative Dreaming
*hanging a show at the American Girl Gallery
*creating more and more imaginary creatures like With This, Then and To Only, If and Your Eyelids Flutter
*celebrating our wedding anniversary with a vacation at home
*being published in the fall issue of Mingle magazine
*seeing more and more gorgeous artwork in the class galleries

*painting horses in pieces like Run With the Wind and An Amazing Journey
*teaching at the Lucky Star Art Retreat in Texas and taking a much-needed vacation
*rekindling my love of snapping self-portraits (inspired by the amazing Vivienne and Aleli)
*launching my new website built by my husband Brian Knapp
*having my painting videos, artwork, online courses, press, interviews and testimonials all in their own beautiful places
*having this beautiful new blog with lots of space for artwork and photos
*celebrating my website and blog launch with a week of giveaways

Juliette Crane

*celebrating the new website with a trip to New York City with Brian
*movingmy studio to the kitchen table
*art journaling more and more
*taking a spontaneous trip to chicago and getting a backstage tour of eataly
*celebrating my birthday with a roadtrip to the Wisconsin countryside
*trying out all sorts of new art supplies
*and lots of painting, painting and more painting!

It’s been such an incredible year. Thank YOU for your continued kindness and support. You continue to remind me to share my creativity and spirit with the world.

I wish you an incredible new year filled with peace, health, joy, abundance and bliss.

Juliette Crane


ps. You can check out my year in review from previous years here: 2012, 2011, and 2010.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful, creative, and grounded year you had — I am so happy I have been along on part of the trip by taking How to Paint an Owl 2, How to Paint Whimsical Animals, Happy Painting (live at Lucky Star!), and the year long course, Serendipity. You have pushed me to be more intuitive in my art and to be more free with my creativity, Thank You! I can’t wait to see what you do in 2014.

  2. Thank YOU, Donna. It’s been such an honor to have you in class and to see you and your artwork continue to bloom. I’m so happy to have met you in person too. 2014 is going to be a very creative, blissful and abundant year! xo

  3. That is wonderful and I enjoyed all your pictures and the class I am taking with
    You have such gratitude and creativity it shows through, very nice!

  4. Ah what a beautiful year Juliette! I’m so happy and honored to have you as one of the wonderful contributors to my book and hope that our paths get to cross in real life soon. Here’s to an equally magnificent 2014! ♥

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