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Juliette Crane

Juliette Crane

I’d already taken a course from Juliette, so my expectations were high. They were exceeded in this excellent course that brings together all the moving parts that must work together for a successful business – Skyler Lovelace
Business for Creatives is a beautifully presented online workshop that touches on most aspects of a creative business and is a wonderful introduction into the world of the visual arts. The content is delivered in an authentic, personable manner. – Veronica Funk
This course really helped me feel more confident about my creative business. It is thorough and really easy to follow. There is so much great information, it’s like having my hand held in getting my business started. – Holly Jaleski
It has been over the top helpful to hear all the details about how Juliette created her business, year by year. I LOVE learning about her experience, and all the learnings and transformations she had along the way.” -Catherine Rains
“Business For Creatives really helped me to focus on what my work is all about and my vision of where I’m going. There’s also really useful info about setting up your website and the ins and outs of products, how to create them, pricing etc.” -Zoe Howarth
“Since implementing your strategies my engagement on both Facebook and Instagram has gone up exponentially and I am receiving a steady trickle of sales, which I have never had before.” -Eliza Fayle
“What I love about this course is that every lesson is available as an off download as well as all of the videos and podcasts. So even if you don’t have time to do them as each lesson is released you can download them and do them in your own time!” -Zoe Howarth
“I am absolutely thrilled with the breadth and depth of information that Juliette provided during this course. She drew back the curtain about so many things I was wondering about – from pricing, to Instagram marketing, to getting press, and a thousand more in-depth topics. Thank you for answering ALL of my questions. This course was totally worth my time and money.” -Catherine Rains
“Business For Creatives is an absolutely amazing resource. Every artist who is even toying with the idea of getting their art “out there” needs to take this course. Juliette went above and beyond when creating this course! Everything you could ever need to know for starting your own business or just getting yourself onto social media is included. It is worth every penny, and then some!” -Jessica Jidas
“Sometimes I get stuck and often I wonder how I can be sure to paint something really ugly and awkward. But that’s something I’ve learnd from you: to let go, LET IT BE, to relax and to be patient.” – Anja Nowack
“I learn best when I see you paint while you give information as to why your painting is working or is in need of correction. The way you work through your corrections gives me insight into my own issues and encourages me to keep going. Your videos are fun, light, colorful and always a pleasure to watch. Because of you, I enjoy painting and will try anything.” – Peggy Mcdevitt
“Starting was a big milestone for me but once I did it became my saviour! I’d say that if anyone out there is looking for an online class that gets you just ‘doing’ instead of ‘thinking’ this is the one for you. At last I’ve found the style of art that I absolutely love and even though I can’t draw for peanuts I’ve been happy with the pieces that I’ve created – thanks to the amazing guidance of Juliette who has the most lovely teaching style.” – Stephanie Banks
“I had a fear of faces and now I can’t stop painting them.” – Jill DiMassimo
“I am 64 and have always wanted to draw and paint. You show us all of the phases of the piece – the good, the bad, the ugly, and the finished wonderful face. Then we see the finished piece. Now when I struggle to get to the end of the process, I know that it’s okay to take a while to get there.” – Louise “Beth” Rudolph
“This class has been the best experience ever! I love how Juliette teaches, I love that there are no hard & fast rules, and I love the fact that even scribbles look like art 🙂 The best thing about this course, is that I can share it with my 5 children (well, the baby is too little yet; but she loves to watch). I am a homeschooler, and my 3 girls & son cannot wait for our weekly “art classes” with Juliette.” – Tasha Miller
“My journey after a hard separation/divorce has been filled with doing art. It has been the best healing of all. I am taking FACES to help me find more freedom and whimsy in my style. What I have also found as I take this class is inspiration-inspiration in finding “my voice” with the art I create. The class group has been so fun! All the lovely comments and art from co-students has been a joy for me.” – Alison Pillette
“Best instruction. So very detailed and easy to follow along.” – Susan Keister
“My tendency used to be to rip out the page and wad it up….. because of you I am learning to not be so harsh on myself… to just keep building layers and see what emerges!” – JaneAnn Harper
“Anyone just thinking of taking one of Juliette’s classes, I urge you to do so! I’m learning soooo much. It’s got me over my fear of drawing faces!” – Chris Cresswell
“I especially like the fact that you embrace when you make mistakes, when things are not working, and then explain your thought process when you fix them. I have discovered that when I teach like this in my classroom, my students are quicker to embrace their own mistakes and learn how to problem solve! Thank you for teaching in this way because it’s how I learn best…by fixing my mistakes!” – Jessica Jidas
“Juliette Crane’s class BLISS… gave me just that, the feeling of BLISS each time I picked up my new found favorite pencil. (General’s Sketch & Wash) She taught me to sketch . I didn’t think I could do that. I thought each time I wanted to draw something – I had to find something to copy, no way could I just put pencil to paper and come up with something….WRONG! I CAN!!!
Sitting with my dogs, drinking my coffee in the morning quiet…I sketch…it is a great way to start a day. I always get up to get ready for work with a smile on my face when I practice this. It calms the mind and soothes the soul. It brings BLISS! While taking Juliette’s class I developed my character Pearl! I love her and have sold a couple small paintings of her. All of my paintings of her carry the title Pearl’s Wisdom. …she is different every time, yet similar and always wearing pearls.
Juliette’s class was so inspiring the way she creates her backgrounds and her characters. Her husband’s music always in the background. Layers and layers and never giving up until you bring out what is inside. Her book is beautiful and I love just running my hands across the pages. I try to always pick up anything she is published in talking about how she creates. I have one of her prints…it inspires me and brings about my dream state…a lovely place to be!” – Dana Strickland
Amy Faldet
“We love how you change your mind and give us the freedom to do the same! Plus, we get to see lots of works all in one which gives technique while allowing for courage and freedom at times of possible frustration! Thanks!” -Amy Faldet
Dana Strickland
“I can’t explain how doing this morning exercise helps to start the day in a positive way. You kind of get sucked into this peaceful place and your mind stops thinking life – and relaxes! Thanks Juliette Crane for giving me BLISS !!!!” -Dana Strickland
“This was a fabulous class. I have learned so much and have learned how to let go and just do it. Juliette is a great teacher. I love her calm voice and easy going manner. I like that she isnt afraid to show her frustrations and lets you see her work thru them.” – joanne summy
“I’ve had so much fun re-connecting with my painterly side! I can really see that I’ve had improvement from standing in front of the blank canvas every day. I love the results of trying to be more free and relaxed in my style. I will say that I’m getting to feel like I’m doing the same thing on each painting…even though they aren’t the same at all. Keeping my style as loose as I can get it is what I want most out of your class, and I definitely feel that I’ve improved in that area.” – Gail Witt
“Juliette’s instruction is very clear and her painting is very inspirational. Too bad I cant eat and wear it! Because I would love too! I love how she teaches us to make the background ( im on Sept class now, still have plenty to go) and Im already loving it. Also love the Bonus lesson, where I can see 2 same techniques applied on different style :)” – lee ann
“I loved everything about this course! I always have trouble starting something because I’m never really sure what I want and I’m super intimidated to paint anything specific. It’s almost paralyzing, really. The background techniques really let me loosen up from expectation and just start, then take the next step, then the next and things start to appear rather organically. I LOVED that! I also enjoyed the feeling that nothing is sacred and you can just paint over it and keep pushing through until it really comes alive, and that it’s totally OK that it might not end up at all where you thought it would. This course was amazing, refreshing and very zen-like for my soul and really brought out the painter in me. Love you, Juliette!” – Lara Cornell
“Juliette’s classes are soul-filling! I WISH I could express how you have changed my vision and freed my mind.” -Dana Strickland
“Thank you!! For teaching me to let go…splash paint…enjoy…and discover the joy of serendipitous moments.” – Sandy Leamon Derryberry
“I can’t tell you how much I learn from you explaining what you’re doing wrong and right while you’re painting. I feel so much more confident in my own art because of this, I am forgiving myself when I can’t paint a perfect picture, make a perfect doll or quilt on the first try” -Peggy McDevitt
Tana Lopez Younger
“I have a long way to go until I am working as completely from my soul as Juliette works, but I am finally on that path.” -Tana Lopez Younger
Renata Wurster
“Juliette shows how she works through creating a painting. What is especially great about this, besides the tips on technique, methods, and art materials, is that she shows how she goes through the ugly stages or the “this isn’t working” stages and pushes through. It is very inspirational (and comforting) to see a person who paints for a living also struggles with these issues.” -Renata Wurster
cathy mckean
“Thank-you Juliette for a really fun class! I’ve been working on developing my own style and exploring mixed media backgrounds. This class has taught me to trust in the process and when something doesn’t seem right you can just go over it and allow something new to emerge.” -cathy mckean
debra benedict
“Loved this class!! The videos were so inspiring, and I loved seeing all the different interpretations of the lessons–everyone was very encouraging as well. I’m very happy we will get to keep the PDF lessons too, so I can refer back to them and review.
Juliette was always welcoming and helpful, quickly answering questions and commenting on everyone’s work–very hands-on and involved. I really feel I’ve learned so much and that I got more than my money’s worth from this class–thank you!” -debra benedict
mary ann mckeating
“this was such a fun class! juliette is so very generous with sharing her techniques and creative process. overall, the workshop was very well organized, insightful and easy to follow. thank you so much juliette!! xo.” – mary ann mckeating
sally lentz
I absolutely loved this class from start to finish. Juliette provides a great combination of technique and inspiration, as well as a fun glimpse into her inner artist and what it is like to be an artist. It is also very nice to receive feedback directly from Juliette as well as the other students in the class. -sally lentz
Julie Brastad
“This is the second class I have taken from her, she does a great job of breaking down the elements so anyone can follow and create art they can be proud of. If you are a perfectionist like me and felt stuck when creating then you will definitely enjoy her courses. Once I saw the creative process broken down and how it morphs or changes I felt much more at ease. Paint is forgiving … and once I realized that, my artistic door was open-wide open!” -julie brastad

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kim smith
“I sign up for alot of online workshops but have only completed a very few from start to finish. Juliette’s teaching style grabbed me from the beginning and I immediately felt like I could do this. I am proud to say I have been working steadily thru the class completing the weekly projects AND I am now absolutely hooked on the painting process. And I am feeling so much more confident about my art. Thank you Juliette! Loved the class and am looking forward to the Owls class!” – Kim Smith.

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Lori Lohmeyer

“I LOVED taking this e-course. Juliette holds nothing back. She shares all she knows so that her students can start (or continue) their creative journey. My favorite thing about the course was how Juliette shows you how to play and change and be brave with your artwork. I felt free to jump in and experiment because Juliette models that behavior in her lessons; so I knew that was the best was to find my girls and my style. I am a beginner. I have never painted like this before, so I wholeheartedly recommend this course for anyone…beginner or expert. Did I say that I LOVED taking this e-course? I did!”

I just loved it. I got a tremendous amount of positive feedback on my blog about the course and how much my readers enjoyed my paintings and the process. It was wonderful. It helped me embrace the idea of myself as a talented artist. I will take any course you offer, because I know you give it all and that spirit is powerful. Thank you, Juliette. You should be so proud of this course and what you are offering to others. – Lori Lohmeyer

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“Your class is the best!!! LOVED the format, the layout, the organization of your class, LOVED watching you paint, LOVED the inspirational blogs and pictures. Thank you so much!!!” -linda branch
“Thank you very much Juliette for all of your hard work! This was a wonderful class. I learned a lot. I especially liked how you explained the steps also and how you figure things out and by adding things you like and adding colors to the background. It’s amazing how it all comes altogether. Thank you also for the inspirations stories, recipes, and sharing your life as an artist. After this course, I feel like I can start to paint a girl!” -cathy pretorus
“Juliette is also very giving with her time, she is always available to offer help and support when needed and adds encouraging comments on work posted in the gallery.” -Diana Jane.

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jill locke
“I absolutely loved your class. Loved it. I love the owls that I painted and the process that I went through painting them. I learned so much, and really was able to listen to my own heart in the process. It was a fantastic experience and I would recommend it to anyone who loves to paint!” – Jill Locke

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Christy Nimeh
“I appreciate the growth that I have experienced from taking this e-course. I really feel like it has helped me learn to love the process, good and not so good. Juliette, was wonderful at awnsering my questions right away. She gave me great tips for the times when I was feeling stuck, to move forward! I would recommend this course to anyone!!” -Christy Nimeh
Julie Nutting
“Juliette’s class structure is simple, easy to follow and visually pretty. I was pleasantly surprised when on week 2, I totally got into painting and letting go….somewhat. If you want to take a fun online class, I would totally recommend hers.” -Julie Nutting

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Janice Darby
“I loved your paint an owl course, it offered a LOT of information and I learned many new techniques. Thank you so much for sharing your creativity.” -Janice Darby
kate daniel
“How to Paint an Owl could easily be called “How to Find Your Passion!” I believe Juliette is a very intuitive artist – her work just flows from her soul. But she shares her thoughts, her story, her process in such a way that it causes you to reflect on your own life, and question: What is my truth? What is my story? And she does this while so generously sharing all her tips and tricks! I learnt so much in this class!
I loved the fact that there was a PDF too – thanks!” – Kate Daniel.
wendy ramos
“Juliette Crane class is very brave, and trusting – putting her whole process out there, generously sharing her own inspirations, and creative thinking, with step by step photos and videos of how she got from point A to point Z (there are many steps in between!).” – Wendy Ramos

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chrissy hoot
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carrie scmidt
“I LOVED it. It is a great class for anyone–beginners to advanced artists. I learned so much and had no idea how much FUN this was going to be when I signed up!” -Carrie.

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donna wynne
“Juliette, you put so much into it and I received so much… as much as I did at the Art and Soul retreat, and I so enjoyed the way you presented it all and I was able to do this with the privacy of my home, at my own pace with working full time. I looked forward to the blog, the emails and of course the videos!

I received more than I ever thought possible, and I am just as inspired from having taken your course as driving and being in a creative environment for three days!” -Donna.

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denise fraser's owl
“This class has inspired me so much. The possibilities are endless. You have given me the tools to help me develop my creativity and the confidence to continue. You have taught me so much and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wishes to develop their artistic abilities. Thank you very much Juliette.” -Denise.
peg's lovely owl
“With the e-course I’ve set up a studio space in my home for the first time, I plan to keep using too. The class has been a true catalyst for the artist within!…It was so much more than what I expected, hard to even put into words. I’ll be writing about it in my brand new blog!” -Peg.

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sharron's sweet owl
“Thank you for all the wonderful inspiration and guidance you have given me over the last 4 weeks. I have not done much painting before and have always joked that my 8 year old can draw better stick-men than me, so I didn’t think I was much of an artist but have always felt the creative urge!! You have shown me that I do have a “little” artist in me – THANK YOU!

I will always remember the lessons you have taught me and that there are no mistakes – only things that can be changed…There is no reason to be scared of the paint!!
” -Sharron.

jodi's sweet owl
“Juliette, thank you for a fantastic few weeks!!!! Thank you for sharing as I have learnt so much and have just LOVED creating my owl creations.” -Jodi.
renee's sweet owl
“It is an amazing class, the techniques are kind of addicting. The class offers a weekly step by step process and with each step a background, then character, then environment emerges. It has been such a rewarding experience.” -Renee.

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“Loved it all. Lots of information and spread out in a really easy way to follow. Was really easy for a complete beginner like me to pick up my supplies and just dive in.”
“It was such a lovely experience and I’m so pleased with how my owls turned out. I’m addicted to owls now and am doodling them everywhere. I learned SO much about painting going through the course, and I loved how there was absolutely no pressure. It was so easy to correct mistakes I’d made or integrate them in a new way, and I really appreciated how forgiving the whole process was. It flew by so quickly, and I’ll miss checking the blog for the updates throughout the week. I had such a great time. Thanks so much.”
“this has been by far the most fun, happiest class that I have myself have ever taken and se easy to draw an owl, wow. I want more. I really can draw an owl.”
“Do you know when you meet someone no matter for how brief, you may not even talk to them….but something connects and you know the meeting just touches you on a deeper, soul level…well for me Juliette you have been one of those people….now I know we haven’t met in person but through your e-course and the lovely caring and nurturing approach of your course I have just been SO inspired! Perhaps a mixture of you and owl magic…who knows but I have changed. I wake up wanting to create, not worry about how it will turn out but just create, I am sketching and dreaming… colour dreams , not black and white, I am making more baskets ( and half to laugh- some nest inspired ones too) …..I even have a huge canvas transforming with a gathering of owls on…..I truly wish you the very best for all that you do and that many of your wishes and dreams come true…though I know with all my heart they will …as for some one who shares so deeply with others they most certainly will.”
“I liked that there was no pressure to participate in discussion but there was the option. I loved your videos (and the music!) and you have such an encouraging voice as a teacher- even online! You share such detail and so much of your own artistic process that it’s educational and inspiring. I thought the course was well-paced. I personally fell behind week 3 but I am pretty sure that it’s because I got stuck with the eyes- I liked my paintings so much at that point that I was (and still am as I write this) afraid to mess them up! I know that as I look back again at the evolution of your lovely paintings that I will eventually work through my own fear! Thank you so much, Juliette. I have participated in a few online classes- never an art class though!- and your course was very much worth it!”
“I liked that there was no pressure to participate in discussion but there was the option. I loved your videos (and the music!) and you have such an encouraging voice as a teacher- even online! You share such detail and so much of your own artistic process that it’s educational and inspiring. I thought the course was well-paced. I personally fell behind week 3 but I am pretty sure that it’s because I got stuck with the eyes- I liked my paintings so much at that point that I was (and still am as I write this) afraid to mess them up! I know that as I look back again at the evolution of your lovely paintings that I will eventually work through my own fear! Thank you so much, Juliette. I have participated in a few online classes- never an art class though!- and your course was very much worth it!”
“I liked that there was no pressure to participate in discussion but there was the option. I loved your videos (and the music!) and you have such an encouraging voice as a teacher- even online! You share such detail and so much of your own artistic process that it’s educational and inspiring. I thought the course was well-paced. I personally fell behind week 3 but I am pretty sure that it’s because I got stuck with the eyes- I liked my paintings so much at that point that I was (and still am as I write this) afraid to mess them up! I know that as I look back again at the evolution of your lovely paintings that I will eventually work through my own fear! Thank you so much, Juliette. I have participated in a few online classes- never an art class though!- and your course was very much worth it!”
“I really loved the course. Everything is explained so well. I love the video clips and all the details. Definitely one of the best e courses I’ve taken! Keep up the good work. You are an inspiration!” – Cathy Moryc Recine
I took your how to paint an owl 2 class and I don’t know what happened here….it’s like you took me on a whole new dimension. I loved it……and I love how owls are taking such a big part in my life at the moment and I love how you are so in touch with your playful nature. That’s what I really needed to remember… thank you once again” – Shiva Shakti
I can not thank you enough for the classes you have made. I have taken three of your classes and have learned to use what you teach and add my own spin on it. I believe I am developing my own style. I have made quite a few owls and love making them Thank you for sharing you gift. – Mary Peritore
This class has taken me to the next level in my creativity and opened me up to a more intuitive processI really liked the set up of the class and the 3 approaches: technique driven, inspiration driven and life as an artist posts. Each one offered a different aspect of the creative process. Of course the videos demos were very helpful and enjoyable. I found that I was able to take what I learned and apply it in my own unique way which is a very different experience I’ve had with other online classes where the student is left to make their own copy/version of what they have seen. – Donna Lange
I enjoyed when you told us how you got started and how you work through paintings that are not what you want. Really helps to hear that. I enjoy your classes because: you show your mistakes and then show us how you work to bring your painting back to something you like, you tell us how to work through a painting until we are satisfied, you demonstrate and discuss what you do to bring back “the energy,” your videos are perfect in length and quality of viewing, and you have such a soft encouraging voice that helps me to relax about how I approach my art. – Peggy McDevitt
I love how you show your whole process in so many different videos. How you are not afraid to keep changing things until it is how you want it. This has really been a big change for me to believe that I can re-do things that I am not happy with and know it will work out. I really truly enjoyed this class, maybe even more than the first How to Paint an Owl and I loved that one! Thank you so much Juliette for helping my art grow. I liked the amount of instruction and the fabulous videos you made. Loved also how accessible you are to answer questions and give support and suggestions. I also liked how it changed the way I do my paintings now. – Marlene Moore
I loved this class and the videos were wonderful. There were lots of videos and she did a great job explaining how to paint. – Lisa Kumcur
Absolutely LOVE this class, I totally recommend it!!!! –Jess
Your owl painting class has truly been an inspiration for me and my artwork. I especially liked your thoughts about loosening up and letting your creativity flow. It truly helped my creative blocks at times. – Shaun Wingerter
Sitting down in front of my computer in the morning and logging into this class was the highlight of my day. You are an exceptional teacher and I have learned so much. Thank you for the countless hours it took you to prepare this class. You are my inspiration. I liked watching the videos over and over again and when I went to create my owl, I was pleased with what I had done…..this would not be possible without such an excellent teacher. – Jacqueline Bartels
I’ve been painting like a crazed person, one owl after another and each one different. What a great time I am having! Thank you for all your lessons and helpful hints. Watching you paint is amazing! Thank you for the “ugly” stage, I have often given up at this stage, but not anymore. I just keep on going. – Patricia Armbrust
This class was so awesome! You have succeeded in helping a “I don’t draw” person create wonderful artwork! I enjoyed every single second of your class, Juliette! You are such a gift and a true talent! – Michelle Saxon
This amazing class took away all my fears of acrylic paint. I am no longer afraid to cover things up. I had so much fun. Signing up for How to Paint an Owl……want to learn more! – Jacqueline Bartels
Your class gave me permission to paint the way I truely want to paint, without judging myself and not worrying if I am making a mistake. I had a lot of fun and learned some techniques that really make my paintings pop!! Thank you so much, loved all the inspiration and music too!! – Kelly Charlton
I LOVE this class! Juliette, you are so gifted and generous.
You can bet that I will be revisiting the classroom as long as I can so that I can practice over and over…soaking up every nuance! Thank you so very, very much. I learned so many things that I know I will incorporate into my own artful efforts. I really look forward to joining you again! – Julie Abercrombie
After having so much fun with your Paint an Owl class, I had to expand & take your Whimsical Characters class. I learned so much & the techniques you use really make me feel good about my artwork (no natural abilities here). Your videos and lessons are very detailed & easy to follow (I even put my iPad next to me & stopped & started it again & again while I drew my first character step-by-step). I love that I have access to the class for a few months — I was pretty busy during the class time so just skimmed most of the lessons & will go through everything step-by-step when life settles down. The style of the Whimsical Characters art is not something that would fit in my more formal home filled with Asian antiques, but I feel like I have learned so much (backgrounds, etc.) that I will definitely use the techniques in future art. Thank you — it’s been perfect for this beginner! I especially liked the videos where you talked through, explaining everything. – Dottie P
This class was great! Juliette takes you from sketchbook to completing a painting. There’s tons of info and techniques! This is the most complete course I’ve found on creating a variety of animals. – Lynda Metcalf
I have found this course (my first online course,and the first art course in decades) to be GREAT!
I retired this year, after 40 years in the teaching profession. I had somehow my sense of self, especially any of my creative talents and abilities. I found Juliette’s work last fall and just loved it. I purchased some of her prints to give as very special gifts for my future daughter-in-law. This year has been filled with so many new adventures and I decided to take Juliette’s course on HTCWA. What a blessing it has been. I have learned so much. Art wise and personally, she is so gifted. Every week I am trying new steps, using new materials, looking at everything in a new more vibrant way. – Mary Clayton
What I liked most about this class was the uniqueness of your style, how you build your background and also the guest artists. As a whole I like how you set up the classes. – Anne Berberi
I always considered myself one of those people that can’t draw, although I do have some artistic abilities. This class was so inspiring and helpful and I found out that I actually CAN draw! You made things simple to understand and follow and gave me courage to try! This class just made me happy!!! – Cathy
This workshop has been so fun and really spoke to my heart. I love your forgiving approach and so appreciated your personal thoughts, especially tips for working through the creative ruts and dry spells we all encounter from time to time. – Kim Lacefield
Juliette I am so glad I signed up for your How To Create Whimsical Animals class! The class was inspiring and very helpful in making me try new techniques and pushing myself in my art journey. I loved seeing your animals come to life in your technique videos. Animals were something I really never thought I could paint, but your class was well laid out and made all the steps very easy to follow. I will definitely be back to take another one of your classes. Thanks for sharing your talent! – Cindy Gilstrap
“I have grown in leaps and bounds thanks to your inspiration — I take many online classes, but I feel that yours inspire me the most — not only are your lessons great with lots of great techniques, but I love seeing how you are not afraid to paint over and transform your paintings into a new one — I also think that it is great that you comment on every piece of work with encouragement not just hitting the like button. -Joanne Summy
“You have encouraged me to paint! Thank you. I am finding SO much freedom in the process & one by one I am taking my friends to the beach to paint!!!” -Kate Curry
“You have given me more inspiration and courage than you will ever know — I enjoy your easy going nature and that you show us your frustrations and how you make what you consider ugly characters into wonderful ones.” -Joanne Summy
“Can’t tell you how much I learn from you explaining what you’re doing wrong and right while your painting. I feel so much more confident in my own art because of this, I am forgiving myself when I can’t paint a perfect picture, make a perfect doll or quilt on the first try. I feel I have gotten my money’s worth already and we have a year to go. What a fantastic class Serendipity is. Thank you for being REAL.” -Peggy McDevitt
I wanted to send you a sincere thank you for your beautiful artwork. I recently bought 3 of your owl prints on Etsy to put in our nursery and they look amazing. I really appreciate your work and I know our baby, coming any day now, will enjoy your beautiful, whimsical prints for years to come. – Carolyn Jacquin Bohlig
Love seeing all the layers up close and having original of your work after seeing you paint in class. It’s beautiful, thank you. – Beth Hutson
The painting is beautiful! It was very carefully wrapped & it was delivered quickly. Super happy! – Emma Talbot
I received the prints and they are just gorgeous! I can’t wait to get them hung on the wall!!! Kelly Goodman