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Getting Over Creative Blocks + Painting Everyday

So often I get stuck with my paintings.

I’d been feeling really impatient with my paintings. I felt that if I didn’t finish a piece within a few days, the time that I had spent creating was not worthwhile. 

My paintings always take lots of layers before I can get to anything I like and really let go. But I started to find that I was putting off going into the studio because painting seemed too difficult. I just couldn’t get out what I needed to and never liked what I would end up painting. 

I had lost my joy in creating.


To get my joy back, I promised myself I would create every day. 

At first, I ended up with a lot of abstracts. Sometimes I’d work on the same canvas for days – laying down new colors, experimenting with different supplies and then covering things up again. 

It felt like I was just messing around. But what it all led to was having fun again. 

Little by little, creating something every day took the seriousness out of painting. I played and made beautiful mistakes. This made me open up to new color combinations, art supplies and characters. 

And, most of all, I remembered just how much I love creating and need that in my life – every day – even if I don’t end up with a finished painting… I just LOVE making a mess and having paint on my hands. 

Have a wonderful weekend!
xo Juliette

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  1. Thank you for your honesty here. It’s not jut me. I think I need to relearn to just play. I will from now on draw and paint everyday. I tried it last year for a month and it did help. Doing something new regular needs discipline though. But I hope that it will be real fun which is getting me going. Thanks again

    • It is definitely not just you! I always find even my painting every day has to be changed up so I don’t get into a rut. I recently went back to sketching which I hadn’t done in a while… going back to having fun is so important with art and everything! I just never know exacly what will help and get me over blocks, so sometimes I feel I need to try sketching, then if that doesn’t work, I try watercolors, if that doesn’t work I try fingerpainting or jewelry making… I never know! Best wishes 🙂 xx

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