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Spring Class Sale :: Develop Your Style

Hear My Story. 9×12″ on bristol paper. Click here to see the originals available in my shop. ………. Sometimes I get to a point where all of the characters I’m painting feel the same. I’d been painting my flower patterned … Read More

My Children’s Picture Book

When I started my children’s picture book I had it in mind that I would create a series of sketches and mixed media paintings. But I had no idea how to make those pieces work as a picture book. It … Read More

Creativity & New Beginnings

I started my upcoming picture book with a short story and a few paintings. Then I created a storyboard (something I learned to do in another lifetime as a website developer). The storyboard helped me figure out the layout for … Read More

Sketchbook Paintings & My New Storybook

Lately I’ve been sitting and painting in my sketchbook. I have been working on pieces for my upcoming storybook. There is something so calming and simple about sitting down with just a few art supplies and paper. It doesn’t take … Read More