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FACES Online Workshop & GIVEAWAY!!

*update: the giveaway has ended. Jocelyn Petcholan you are the winner… Congratulations!

Thank YOU so very much for all of your enthusiasm about my newest online course, FACES – Mixed Media Portraits.

With each painting project, I share my mistakes and how I fix them along the way to talk myself out of getting frustrated so I can keep on creating, stay inspired and evolve my own style. We’ll also experiment with lots of different art supplies like glitter, bleeding art tissue paper, chalk, crayons and oil sticks to really bring your faces to life!

* Class begins February 16

* Early Bird Registration until February 1, 2015. Use code EARLY at checkout ($129. Full Price $149).

* Register Here.


Here are the details:
* Payment plans available at checkout (and the appropriate discount will be applied)
* There’s a facebook group for all of my classes, so there’s always a supportive community for you
* I’m available to answer questions and give feedback the entire time
* 5 Weeks of Class, then self-paced with access for 2 years

*See a full list of supplies and more details here

In case you missed it, here’s a little sneak peek video…


*update: the giveaway has ended. Jocelyn Petcholan you are the winner… Congratulations! Thank you to everyone who entered!!

GIVEAWAY! I need your help spreading the word about FACES – Mixed Media Portraits

* To enter, share this blog post link on your blog, twitter, pinterest, instagram or Facebook
* Come back here and leave a comment… leave your name and how you shared the post
* The winner will receive a spot in FACES
* If you’ve already registered, you can still enter. Choose to be refunded or pass your spot onto a friend
* I’ll randomly choose the winner and announce it here on Sunday, February 1, 2015. Check back here on that day to see if you’ve won.

I am so grateful to be able to share my art and creative process with you.

My hope for you is that these mixed media portraits will give you many places to begin, so you can get over creative blocks, have fun with your artwork and paint in a style that is unique to YOU.

Thank you for helping me spread the word… and good luck in the GIVEAWAY!

Juliette Crane


Ps. If you’re wanting a little extra inspiration, check out some of the work created by students in my other classes here.

Pps. You can watch more painting tutorials like How To Draw An Owl here.

Have a wonderful and inspirational weekend!!!


  1. I pinned it here:
    and I just blogged about it here:

    I hope it’ll help spread the word! I love your work, it’s so dreamy and serene!
    greetings from Poland!

  2. I shared with all of my art teacher friends on two sites. One is the New York State Art Teachers Association. The other is the Buffalo Urban ARts Teachers Academy. Would love to take your course and share some insight with my friends! 🙂

  3. Shared on Facebook

  4. Posted and shared your awesome course on my FACEBOOK page:”)
    wow! Would love to be the fortunate one to win a spot on your Faces Class….

  5. Not fealt this excited about mixed media in a while. The course sounds great!
    I’ve shared amongst my Facebook networks. Hopefully it will get the creative juices flowing in this grim January 🙂

  6. I’d be thrilled to win a spot in this class! I shared via Facebook. Thank you for this contest!

  7. Shared this on Facebook. Exciting!

  8. I shared it on facebook

  9. I shared via Facebook and Pinterest. Would love to win a spot in your class! Thank you for the opportunity.

  10. i love your new Faces ! Shared on Facebook.

  11. I shared with ALL my friends on FB and some
    art groups on FB!! Have your book, but been out of work!! (I start a new job next week, thank The Lord)
    A free spot would make my day! Week! Month!
    Possibly year! LOL



  12. I shared on facebook. I love your work and it would be such a blast to win!

  13. Shared on Twitter and FB

  14. On my facebook craft page:

    G+ and shared.

    Liked on Youtube and shared it on pinterest.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  15. I shared on Facebook!

  16. I would LOVE to be part of this class.
    I shared on facebook.

  17. Shared on Facebook! 🙂 Maggie

  18. i shared on FB. I would love to win this class. I love your art so very much!

  19. Shared on my facebook, Thanks for the chance to win a class ~

  20. I shared on Pinterest. Thank you for giving everyone the opportunity to win a spot in this fantastic class. (I hope I win.)

  21. loving your work, just watched all your videos x shared on Facebook.

  22. Congrats on your new class! I shared your post via Twitter and Pinterest. Good luck!

  23. New to faces, and love this look!
    I’m a little intimidated by faces, so this would be great for me!

  24. i posted this link on my facebook and pinterest accounts. came accross your site on day as i was frustrated with painting, always started a painting then would stop as i wouldnt like where i was going with it. had the image in my head as to how it should look.
    what i have learnt just from watching your demo vids i have learnt alot. mixed media is definitly the way to go for me.

    thanks for the amazing inspiration.

  25. Hi! I shared with all my friends. I would LOVE to take your class but it’s not in the budget this time around. I hope you will do the same class at another time so I CAN join!

  26. I don’t usually enter giveaways..but this class would be such a fabulous experience! I shared on my FaceBook page..thanks for the chance to win!

  27. Excited to hear about thos new class. I shared this post on my Facebook page.

  28. This would be super fun and different!! Shared on facebook! Thank you for having thus give away!!♡

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  30. I could use some colorful fun! I posted on Facebook!

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  32. Thanks for the contest! posted to Facebook and blogger 🙂

  33. Would love to win a place on your new workshop. Shared on Facebook.

  34. Thank you for this very generous opportunity, I just shared your post on my Facebook page!!!

  35. Hi Juliette,

    I plan to take your course anyhow, but I would love to win a spot! Excited for your FACES class 🙂

    I shared this post on our Facebook page @

    Thank you,

    Tasha 🙂

  36. Just share on. Facebook. I love the whimsical feel of your work. I would live to win this class.

  37. Shared on Facebook!!☺

  38. Hi Juliette, I shared on Facebook.

  39. you know what I love about this class, you mentioned you will show us how to make mistakes. Faces are new to be and intimidating. I am posting this on Facebook because that’s where all my arty friends are. Thank you for a generous giveaway!

  40. I shared on Facebook! Thanks for the opportunity!

  41. Shared about your class by pinning on pinterest. Thank you so much for the chance to win a spot! It looks like a fabulous class and I just love your style!!

  42. Shared on my facebook page. I would love to learn how you incorporate all the different colors on the face. Thanks!

  43. I shared this on Facebook ! I hope my fellow artist friends take advantage of these awesome classes

  44. I shared on Facebook. Thank you so much for the chance to win a spot in your class – I love your style!

  45. I shared on Facebook! Would love to win as I will be home recovering from surgery!! Love your work!!

  46. Would so love to take this class. Shared on my FB Suebee Art.

  47. Would love to win. Shared on Facebook

  48. I shared on Facebook. I love your faces and I hope I win!!

  49. Shared it on my facebook page

    I just can’t draw faces….I’m in desperate need of this class

  50. Hey Juliette! I shared the info on your new FACES class on Pinterest and Facebook. I’ve taken several of your classes but don’t have the extra $ for this one. Maybe I’ll win though. That would make my new year!

  51. Love to play and I shared on Facebook!

  52. Lovely, just pinned it on Pintrest. This looks so fun!

  53. I shared on my pintrest
    Sherri Lucy
    hypersky5 at

  54. I shared on Facebook. Thank you for the chance to win.

  55. I would love a chance to learn from you! Shared on FB – thank you!

  56. I shared on Facebook!!!

  57. I shared this on Facebook. 🙂

  58. Love your work! Shared on my facebook art page, Butterfield Gallery.

  59. I shared it 2 times, on FB and on Pinterest. Love your classes.

  60. I not only want, but I need this workshop. Luv it & shared on Facebook

  61. i just shared with my facebook friends, family and all of my groups and asked that they spread the word for your FACES online workshop. I also asked that each and every one support such a talented, creative and supportive woman. I am so thankful for women like you in my world. Please please consider me for your giveaway of a registration to this workshop. I am new to faces, I am learning now through You Tube and could really use your creative spirit to boost me along my journey. Thank you!!

  62. shared on facebook!! Love it, and your work/art!!

  63. I shared on FB! Thank you so much for the opportunity! I still wish you were doing local classes 😉

  64. I will share on FB – thank you!

  65. i love your art soooooooooooo much. wishing and hoping to win. this is my year of big changes and hard decisions and i am using art to help get me thru everything. taking your class would be like a ray of sunshine everyday. thank you so much for the chance. i shared on facebook. xoxo

  66. shared on FB, twitter, Google and Pinterest!

  67. Your students’ samples show that your class really took them somewhere. I would like to go there too!
    Your students’ samples show that your class really took them somewhere. I would like to go there, too!

    Shared on FB.

  68. I’ve been wanting to take one of your classes for a while and this looks like fun! I shared the link on facebook ( and g+ (

  69. I shared the information on my Pinterest page titled Art – How To and also on my facebook page. I would love to be part of this class. Your work is distinctive, unique and original, and I really admire your use of color.

  70. Shared on Twitter
    Shared on Pinterest

  71. This looks like an amazing class! I shared it on facebook, and I hope you get lots and lots of eager beavers

  72. Love your art work. So whimsical. Shared on Facebook.

  73. hi , I really hope I win your faces online workshop , I have shared it on Facebook your blog post , thankyou !

  74. i shared the link on my facebook and wrote the following —- 🙂

    i LOVE Juliette Crane’s work and desperately want to win a spot in her “Faces” class. i would love to add beautiful & whimsical faces (people & animals) to my art…..

  75. I shared on Facebook. If I were to win a spot in your class I would gift it to my friend Dana who introduced me to your work. I am looking forward to your lessons on Life book 2015.

  76. Facebook and Pinterest!

  77. I would love to take your class this year. I have shared this post on FB and pinterest.

  78. I shared your class on Facebook. I love it and thank you for the opportunity to win a place.

  79. Shared on Facebook. Would love to win a place on the fabulous ‘Faces’ class. I recently met two ladies here in the UK Who have taken your classes. I think it was a whimsical animals one. They showed me their fabulous art work learned from your online class!

  80. I’m sorry to bother you, but is there anything wrong with my previous comment? I have info that it’s still awaiting moderation (posted at 8.02 yesterday)… on a different computer I can’t see it at all, so maybe it just disappeared somewhere on the way? naughty comment 😉

    anyway, I pinned and blogged about the course and I do hope it’ll help spread the word!

  81. I shared on FB and Twitter!!! I just adore your work and thank you for this chance!!!! I would be one lucky lady if I could take a class with the you!!! Keep Creating all the beauty! Makes me smile!!!

  82. I pinned about the class.

  83. fun fun fun! I shared on FB!

  84. Nice intro video. I did share it on Twiter, Facebook and Google +

  85. I shared to my Facebook page, with the privacy set to public. I would love to win!!!

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  87. Posted to my art page (Blueberry Blonde) on Facebook.

  88. i have shared on fb and Twitter and yes pice me! Please.

  89. I shared on Facebook! I would LOVE to win the spot in your course, my budget does not allow me to take many courses but I adore your style and artwork. Thank you! !!!

  90. Shared on Facebook 🙂

  91. This class looks like so much fun! I shared the link on my Facebook page!

  92. shared on facebook!

  93. love your work! Shared on my FB Page: n2cre8n

  94. Hello, I shared on FaceBook. Would love to take this class. Thanks for the opportunity

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  96. I shared in facebook.

  97. I shared on Facebook and Twitter. Faces is something I really want to learn to do more than anything.

  98. I shared on Facebook!!! Love your work and would love an opportunity to learn some new art techniques!

  99. I tweeted, shared on Facebook and pinned about this class.

  100. I love these faces =) I shaed on FB =)

  101. This looks like an awesome class! I love all your colors! I reposted on Instagram!

  102. shared on Facebook for my niece Andrea Okeson…if i win i would give her my spot…she is a talented young artist..

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  104. Löve

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  106. I’ve been timid about faces for ages, this looks so intriguing!
    Shared on Facebook

  107. i would very much like to win a spot in this class so pretty please random gen pick me pick me lol shared on facebook

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  110. I shared on Facebook and Twitter. Would love to do this class, looks very freeing.

  111. Hi….hope you don’t mind….but I shared the post you made on facebook…to all of my artsy friends on facebook. I do believe I was the 92nd person to do just that! Love your art…and I’d love to take your faces class. I am Lori Fox Skiff on facebook….and I shared from your Juliette Crane Artist page on facebook. Good luck everyone!

  112. This class would not only be an asset, but SO much fun. I posted a photo and link about your FACES class and giveaway on my blog sidebar. Fingers and toes crossed. Thank you for this opportunity.

  113. Shared on Facebook! (My name is Bunny Sparkles) …fingers crossed!!

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  115. Thank you for entering me, I would love to play happy faces!

  116. This certainly looks like a fun and interesting class . I shared on Facebook.

  117. Love ur style!’ Would love to win a place in your class! Shared on Pinterest

  118. shared on my Facebook page and in my stitching group. I like to try things outside my comfort zone and this looks like a blast. Thanks for the give away offer.

  119. Shared on Fb on my artsy page (user name: “Veronica Aventuras Arte”). Also tagged a few of my friends that I thought they might be interested in this course.
    Thanks for the giveaway and the chance,

  120. Juliette, your art always charms me – it would be delightful to learn from you!

  121. PS I shared on FB!

  122. I shared it on Facebook. I do not Twitter or Instagram. Would love to win.

  123. Would love to win a spot in your class Juliette! I shared you post on my FB page!

  124. Shared on Facebook and personal emails and within certain art groups. To have an opportunity of being a part of your workshop may open doors for me to paint the exotic animals that I volunteer for in an entirely different perspective. I am at a cross road in my life where I am allowing myself to find the BIG within me to speak with each brush stroke.

  125. i shared on Facebook! excited for this class, juliette! 🙂

  126. I shared. I have been wanting to learn more about mixed media.

  127. Thank you Juliete for the opportunity to win a place in this fun class!
    I have shared on Pinterest

  128. posted on instagram. will add to pinterest and facebook tomorrow~

  129. Would love to win your wonderful giveaway. I shared this blog post on Pinterest.

  130. I am sharing on Facebook! What a lovely course this looks

  131. Shared on Google plus

  132. Eeeek how super exciting! I would so love to win a spot in this amazing course. I absolutely love your style. I’ve chosen 2015 to be the year of believing and embracing what I love, which is being creative. Thank you for this opportunity. I’ve shared on my Facebook page x

  133. Eeeek I’m so super excited. I would absolutely love to have a chance at a spot in your amazing course. I absolutely adore your style. I’ve chosen 2015 to be the year to believe and embrace. To get creative and learn as much as I can. Thank you so very much for this opportunity. I have shared on Facebook x

  134. Shared on Facebook and Pinterest! Would be so happy to win the spot, because at this time in my life I just can´t afford to treat myself to one of your online classes. Love, Katharina

  135. I shared it on FACEbook …..where else 😉
    I´d love to be the lucky one!

  136. Shared on FB would Love to win!!!

  137. I have shared on Facebook sounds wonderful

  138. I have admired your art for a very long time!
    I would be Blessed to win a spot in your class. After my divorce and now working 3 jobs it’s been hard to find inspiration. This would totally lift my spirits!
    Thank you! You are a Gift from God to share your talents with us!

  139. shared on facebook

  140. ok-posted on facebook and pinterest also!

  141. Juliette! I’m so excited about the opportunity to take another class with you. I shared this with all my Facebook friends and public…. You are gifted teacher and you have a beautiful way of inspiring us to be creative

  142. I shared on Twitter. Would be amazing to win a spot for this class.

  143. I shared on Instagram. I’m @themadwanderer 🙂

  144. Shared on Instagram. Gosh I would LOVE to win win win!!!!

  145. Just shared it on twitter! Would LOVE to attend this class.

  146. Hi Juliette! I posted information about your class on my Instagram and Twitter feed (owlcat75) and also on my Facebook wall. I’m really enjoying your How to Paint an Owl class and would love the chance to win this giveaway. I really love your work! Thanks for the opportunity ~ Beth 🙂

  147. I shared this on Pinterest, Juliette I love your work and would love to learn from you !

  148. Shared on Facebook. I’m an artist art therapist and shared with all my cohorts! Love love love your work.

  149. Shared on Facebook (fairygirl)

  150. I posted your class on Pinterest I would love to win a spot in your class

  151. I shared this on Facebook. Your work is lovely Juliette. I’d love to join you for the class.

  152. I would love to be a part of this!!!!

  153. Hi, my name is Lisa, I shared your generous giveaway on Pinterst. Good luck everyone ♡

  154. Shared on Facebook!

  155. I shared on my Twitter:

    Tried to share the link on my personal FB too, but the Safari iPhone Share to FB kept flaking on me.

  156. Shared on fb. Love Juliette’s whimsical faces, the colours, the techniques, everything! Looks like so much fun to create a face like this….:) Would love a class like this.

  157. Dear Juliette, shared the link on my pinterest. Love your work and would by thrilled to win a spot on this course! Thank you for a chance!

  158. love you and your awesome art. sure would love to win this. wishing and hoping. xoxo

    i shared on fb

  159. So happy to share about this on twitter (@WhimsyKali). Love your work!!

  160. Wow, this class looks so amazing!!! I just started drawing and painting last year. I love ‘whimsical’! I still have lots to learn about techniques and materials. Creating is about dreaming and having fun for me… But faces are so hard! 🙂 I love your unique style Juliette, so I’ll take my chance to win a free spot for your class!
    I have placed a link on my new facebookpage ( Fingers crossed!

    Smiles from Belgium, Saskia 🙂

  161. Shared via Twitter and Facebook! Xx

  162. I’ve shared your post with this amazing opportunity on Facebook. Fingers crossed!

  163. I shared with all my friends on Facebook. I let them know that your the best creative teacher.

  164. This class looks amazing, it would be fantastic to attend. I simply adore your artwork. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win a spot! I shared this blogpost on Facebook and Pinterest.

  165. I shared on Twitter! Love to win a spot!

  166. Juliette,
    Congrats on your latest class! This looks like a yummy one. You are doing so many amazing works these days and my heart sings for joy at your successes. I would love to be in your drawing to win a free class, how awesome that would be. I spread the word through FB, Twitter and Google+, getting the word out is joy enough for me. Congrats on all you have done and I love your book, giving me joy all the time!!!! Donna Lee

  167. Love your work and would LOVE to join in on this course.
    I’ve shared on Facebook and hope you get lots of feedback.

  168. I love your work and would love, love to be able to do this class.

  169. I shared on FB and Pinterest. Looks like a great new class.


  170. Shared on facebook. And i want to win. Thanks for sharing

  171. hi Juliette, how wonderful to have a chance to win a place in your class!! I have shared on Twitter and Facebook

  172. Looks like so much fun Juliette! Shared on Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram 🙂

  173. Hoping to win a spot in this class! Shared on Pinterest.

  174. Shared on Instagram @josabellestudio

  175. I shared it on Facebook. Love love love your art

  176. I have taken several of your classes and was happy to post about it on my FB page. Thanks for the contest and the opportunity to win a spot in class!

  177. I shared on Facebook.

  178. Your class looks great. I shared it on both my Twitter and Facebook.

  179. Good Morning Juliette:) I shared your post on my Mixed Media Pinterest Board (told all my followers they need to sign up) and my Facebook Wall. I can’t figure out how to post on IG from my iPad. IG is where you and I communicate:) I’ll try and post there from my phone. Thank you so much for this opportunity. It is very generous and kind. Xox

  180. I shared on facebook. would love the opportunity to take your class and learn some new techniques.

  181. Hi! Shared on Facebook! Would love to be able to take this course! Thanks for the giveaway!

  182. Beautiful! Shared via facebook :o) love your techniques.

  183. I gladly shared this on my facebook account!

  184. Pick me! Pick me! I shared on fb…i shared at work…i over-shared at the hairdresser…folks are pretty tired of me sharing, so i need to draw new friends.

  185. I shared your new class on Pinterest! So exciting. Thanks for a chance to win a spot, that is so generous.

  186. I have shared your class on Facebook as soon as I’d registered! Can’t wait to start. You come highly recommended!

  187. What a wonderful giveaway! I have shared your giveaway on my Facebook page. Thank you for the chance to win ♥ You’re so very talented!

  188. I just put this on pinterest, MY FIRST PIN!!! I so love rawing and painting faces, and to get better at it, less stif, so I would LOVE to win a spot in your class, ^_^. Being without any budget it is hard to save money for a class or workshop, so winning one, and especially one that I absolutely love, would be just great and such a wonderful and encouraging start of this new year.

  189. I posted to my blog. I just adore your work and winning a spot in your class would make my year. 🙂

  190. I shared on FB what a great class.

  191. Shared on Facebook! Brandi Velthouse-Evans

  192. Juliette, so happy to hear about this new class of yours! thanks for the chance to win…I shared on my twitter, and now I’m going to try and add to pinterest as well after seeing some other comments mentioning it.

  193. Shared on Facebook looks like an awesome class!

  194. Thanks for the opportunity! I shared on my Facebook page… 🙂

  195. Shared on Pinterest.
    I love your signature style!

  196. Juliette I love the intuitive way you paint! You can really feel the emotion in your paintings. I spread the word of your workshop on FB. I am so happy you can share your art techniques with us- I hope to win!

  197. Hi Juliette,

    AAAAHHHHHHHH…I’m SO excited about your class! Just shared the link on my Facebook page – Faces have never been my strong suit and the combination of your beautiful style and technical info is EXACTLY what I need. Thank you for the opportunity to win a seat in your class. Happy creating~

    Beth 🙂

  198. I shared it on my Pinterest board! Love your warmth and your style! Would LOVE to win a spot in this class!!! Thank you for the opportunity!!!

  199. When I saw this announcement, my first thought was “I need to put myself in a picture” as for the last decade I’ve haven’t been in any photo. I won’t go in detail why not but I understand the importance of putting yourself out and claiming your visual spot in life. Faces say so much about ourselves and our lives.

    I’ve shared your post on my Facebook page which you can find here:

  200. Thank you for this opportunity to share your site and hopefully win a spot in your up coming class. I found you through a share and fell in love with your talent. I’m a beginner and overwhelmed to say the least. Love new beginnings 🙂

  201. Hi, I am Corinna. The pictures look fun. Congrats to your latest class.
    I shared on twitter and google plus.

  202. I have shared it on twitter and Facebook. I would be thrilled to win a chance to learn your beautiful techniques as I adore your work and your unique vision for mixed media faces.

  203. Hello, thank you for this giveaway 🙂
    I shared on Facebook on my page (Les Ephelides Design)

  204. Would love a faces class!

  205. Oh darn… forgot to say, I have shared this blog on my fb page!

  206. i would be so excited to win this class i took your owl class and it was great

  207. Hi!

    I shared this post on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest!



  208. I shared this on FaceBook and Twitter. I hope I’m lucky enough to win!

  209. I took your Owls class, Juliette – would love to study portraits with you too!

  210. Looks great! Just shared on fb Xox anita tillman

  211. I don’t tweet , Instagram but shared with several hundred online art friends.. On minimum social security and can’t take workshops, somtomwin ..,would be awesome, iM 75 ap and trying hard to keep,up with yAll !

  212. Spreading the word! Loved all the workshops i have taken ….. I am sure FACES will be just as wonderful.

  213. Hi Juliette! I posted your class on FB! I posted it on my blogger as well as on google! I would love to win your faces class! Hugs, Sanna

  214. I just shared on my facebook page! I’m sure the class is going to be amazing (though nothing beats the Guadalupe River!).
    Hope you’re having a wonderful 2015!

  215. I shared on Pinterest. Thank you for the great opportunity to win!

  216. Twitter and Instagram, thanks for the chance to win.

  217. Shared on my blog, Twitter and Facebook

  218. Your art is so colorful, fun, and inspiring! I shared your class on Facebook. 🙂 Have a blessed day!

  219. This looks soo fun and inviting! I’d love a chance to win a spot 🙂

    Shared this with my friends on Facebook (

  220. ¡Hola! (Hi!) I shared your class #FacesClass with my friends on twitter (and with hashtags) 😀

  221. Hi Juliette! Thank you for the wonderful opportunity! I spread the word on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

  222. Shared on my Facebook page…and fingers crossed!

  223. I have shared this on my Facebook page!! Fingers crossed…I need to end my artist block I have!!

  224. how lovely!! Shared with my thousands of followers on Pinterest!! This look like a yummy class 🙂 I always enjoy your work. xoxo

  225. I posted in instagram! @shaytastrophe
    Happy to share even if I don’t win. I bought your book for my friend for christmas!!

  226. Shared on Instagram (@twohootiehoots) and Twitter (@hellosteph) — fingers crossed, I’ve been trying to learn to draw faces for so long!

  227. Hi Juliette! I shared on my Pinterest board! Fingers crossed! 🙂

  228. Shared this on Pinterest. What an absolutely delight it would be to earn a spot in the class!!!

  229. Juliette, i have shared on FB. I am certain your faces workshop will be as great and inspirational as the others I have taken. Love it. Lisa

  230. Oh my gosh Juliette… I adore these little characters…. and would love the chance to join in…. I shared on Pinterest…

    Jenny X

  231. Shared your give away on FB & Twitter. Hopefully I am NOT to late to put my name & others in the hat. I know I will take a course with you, love your work. Abundance to you.

  232. thank you much! I am so excited!

  233. I am so excited about your new class I love to paint faces and hope I win the FREE CLASS!!!

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