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Serendipity SALE Ends Soon + Creativity Is A Gift

For years, when I believed I couldn’t make a living as an artist, I stopped creating.

I hid all of my artwork and supplies in the basement. It was too painful to create.

Now that I paint for a living, I’m constantly observing and documenting my creative process. I’ve learned to take a step back and recognize my patterns to make it easier for me to create.

I’ve seen that I always hit an “ugly stage.”

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The Best Worst Advice I’ve Ever Gotten


A good friend once told me not to be an artist. It was really the worst advice I’ve ever gotten.

I’d just started painting again and drove to Chicago to show her my new artwork (which I was super excited about). I couldn’t wait to get her opinion.

So when she told me not to be an artist, my heart sank.I knew she had the best intentions. Her experience had been that being an artist was hard.

But in that one moment, more than ever I thought, “I will show you.”

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Learn to Let Go, Loosen Up + Get Unstuck

I know I’m creatively stuck when I’ve painted over something again and again and start to get frustrated.

This is usually because I’m attached to what I think my art should look like rather than letting what I need to paint come out.

This happens a lot with eyes. I’ll have a specific expression or mood in mind that I want to create, and I just can’t get it. I paint and repaint my eyes until finally I realize, maybe what I’m painting is trying to tell me something. Maybe there’s a new story in there that I didn’t even know I needed to tell.

And I can only get to it by stopping my attachment to what things should look like and falling in love with (and maybe improving upon) what’s already there.

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Serendipity SALE :: Loosening Up + Developing Style (VIDEO)

It’s my birthday this week and I wanted to share my celebration with you!

Enjoy my Serendipity 1 and 2 online classes for $199 each (reg: $249).

These are my most popular painting classes and perfect for the new year. In each course I share all I learn and love about mixed media for an entire year to give you the courage and confidence to loosen up and develop your own style.

Just enter code: SERENDIPITY at checkout. Sale ends January 15th, 2017.

Register for Serendipity 1 – Develop Your Style
Register for Serendipity 2 – Loosening Up

Here’s a 19 minute video project that always helps me loosen up (it’s the first part to my favorite project in Serendipity 1)…

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New Artwork + Inspirations

Lately I’ve been working on a new series of paintings that are taking me in a completely new direction.
I am exploring more portraits and more specifically characters you might find in fairy tales.

This series of paintings started as a continuation of my Flower Girl series, but soon these paintings filled with ethereal layers and primary colors that just remind me of seeing the world through the eyes of a child.

I’ve been thinking so much about returning to the illustrated novel I put aside earlier this year. Stories and ideas just keep coming to me through these new paintings, and I know I just have to get back to writing again.

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Business For Creatives Class GIVEAWAY

*update: the giveaway has ended. Dot Trimble you are the winner… Congratulations!

A HUGE thank you to everyone for all of your kind words, enthusiasm and support for my new online workshop Business for Creatives.

I am so excited to get started! We have such an incredible group already. The sale spaces are more than half filled (use code: CREATE). 6 Month Payment Plans are also available.

This class is for any artist, maker, creator and doer who is interested in growing their online presence and making money from what they create.

In this 8 Week, action-oriented class, I’m sharing all of the email and marketing templates I’ve built up over the years (there’s no reason for you to reinvent everything when you can spend that time creating instead).

To celebrate, I’m having a Giveaway (details below).

Find More Details and Register For Business For Creative Here.

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