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Overcoming Fear + Following Your Bliss

I often get petrified whenever I have to share new creative work.

A few years ago I had just finished writing a middle-grade fantasy novel.

When I wrote it, I hadn’t painted for fifteen years. I had no idea that I’d now be a full-time artist and entrepreneur.

I had just joined the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators and attended their spring conference, where Spiderwick Chronicles author Holly Black was slated to speak.

I was super nervous. I wanted so badly to meet Holly and to have her critique the first chapter of my novel, but I had been assigned to have a critique session with a different published author.

As I waited in a little room for my author to show, I noticed Holly sitting alone across the hall.

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Video :: Wild And Free Painting

I hope you enjoy this video… it’s a snip-it from one of the painting projects I share in Wild And Free Painting – A Mini Course.

In Wild And Free Painting – A Mini Course, I share many playful techniques and characters to help you feel more free in your artwork and find your own style. By the end of class, you’ll have five freedom-inspired paintings and the template to get you started again and again, so you can keep exploring and develop your own artistic voice.

That means we’ll draw and paint whimsical animals, feather-haired girls, imaginary creatures, watercolor portraits, lusciously layered backgrounds and more! I’ll also show you how to create a face in under 10 minutes with just a few supplies, so even if you don’t have a lot of space or time, you can still get creative and play.

This is a self-paced, instant access online class. Registration closes June 17, 2017.

Register Here.

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Business For Creatives Early Bird Sale :: Why I Stopped Painting

I’m so excited to announce Early Bird Registration is now open for the upcoming session of BUSINESS FOR CREATIVES where I share all I’ve learned about being a full time artist and entrepreneur.

Find More Details, Read Testimonials and Register for Business For Creatives Here.

Business for Creatives is an 8 week program that will help you get started and stay motivated, so you can live your dream of being an artist and share your passion with more people. I’m always getting so many questions from my painting students about how to find ways to sell and share their art and I just can’t wait to dive into it all and share all I’ve learned about running my business (successes and mistakes).

I stopped painting for almost fifteen years.

I hid all of my artwork and supplies in the basement because it was just too painful to create if I couldn’t do it all of the time.

I worked all sorts of jobs- as an arts and technology journalist, editorial assistant, photographer, gallery manager, graphic designer, floral designer, web developer and computer programmer. Nothing ever seemed to fit.

Then in the summer of 2009 I lost my job (as a landscaper). It was the first job I ever really loved.

To heal my spirit, I finally went back to what I adored most as a child… taking all of my art supplies into the backyard and creating.

At that same time a friend started an Artist’s Way group.

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Video Sneak Peek + Wild And Free Early Bird SALE

This is my favorite time of year… when the spring flowers come up and I can finally get outside a little bit in Wisconsin and paint.

A lot of you have been asking me to reopen registration for my Wild And Free Mini Course so we can paint together this spring. I’m excited to offer this online class again!

To celebrate, I’m opening registration with a very special EARLY BIRD SALE.

Sign up for Early Bird registration now at $65 (use code WILD). Once that sale price tier fills up, the class will return to full pricing of $75. 3 Month Payment Plans are also available and the appropriate early bird discount will be applied at checkout.

Registration closes June 17. This will be the only time I am offering this class this year.

Find More Details, Read Testimonials and Register Here.

Here’s a little video sneak peek…

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Neon COLOR & Possibilities

Possibilities. Prints available here.


A lot of times, I’ll overwork a painting until the colors get all muddy and gray.

That usually happens when I’m working so quickly to get a painting to look like the image I have in my head (which is never possible for me).

Then I might finally get the character right and well-defined, but in the process of layering and not letting things dry, the rest of my painting becomes dull.

When that happens, I always take a step back. I let everything dry and then come back to it all with my favorite colors.

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New Video + The Joy Of Painting Starts Soon

A huge thank you to everyone for all of your kind words, enthusiasm and support for my new online workshop The Joy Of Painting.

I am so excited for this class! We have such an incredible group already. The sale spaces have sold out, but you can still join us when class begins April 24 (registration closes the first week of class).

In The Joy of Painting, you’ll learn simple tips and techniques to help you explore your creativity, develop style and learn to let go, so you can keep creating in a style that is unique to YOU.

* Class begins April 24
* 6 Month Payment Plans Available
* Register Here.

And now for a little video inspiration…


There are over twenty-one mixed media projects to help you renew your creative expression.

In each video I share encouragement to work with what’s working and walk you through my own mistakes, so you can easily tap back into your own playfullness.

We’ll explore watercolors, paint luscious layers with our fingertips, add glitter and so much more.

This class is perfect if you’re looking to feel more free in your artwork and explore many different painting techniques and styles, especially for painting faces.

If you’d like to paint together, there’s a fabulous group already gathered for The Joy Of Painting feel free to join us and sign up here.

And if you know someone who has been looking to reignite their creative spark, feel free to share this video with them (you can use the share buttons below).

Thank you for all of your love and support. Have a lovely weekend!
xo, Juliette

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