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The Joy Of Painting – Early Bird Sale


I am so excited for my new online class THE JOY OF PAINTING which is all about exploring your creativity, developing style and learning to let go.

With every in-depth mixed media painting tutorial, I’m also sharing a quick, more playful project you can do in under 10 minutes with just a few inexpensive supplies right in your living room.

To celebrate, I’m opening registration with a very special EARLY EARLY BIRD SALE (this will be the lowest price for this class this year and registration closes the first week of class).

Sign up for EARLY Early Bird registration now (limited spaces with code EARLY)… after that, the course will go back up to sale pricing. Once those sale spaces fill, the class will return to full pricing.

6 Month Payment Plans are also available and the appropriate early bird discount will be applied at checkout.

Find all of the details and Register Here.

This course has been on my mind for some time. I haven’t released a new full-length painting workshop in over two years, so I can’t wait to share all of my new supplies and ways of painting with you!

Here are a few details:
* Class begins April 24, 2017
* Registration closes the first week of class
* 6 Month Payment Plans Available
* 2 year access to the classroom
* Forever access to our online community

See What We’ll Be Painting in THE JOY OF PAINTING, Get the Full Supply List, Read the FAQ and REGISTER HERE.

I just can’t thank you all enough for your kindness, encouragement and support! THANK YOU! I cannot wait to paint more with you. Painting has always been my passion. And I am so very honored to be able to share my art with you!

Have a wonderful weekend. Happy painting!
xo Juliette

Ps. Here’s a little of what students have been saying…

“We love your classes! I also do them with my kids. They love creating their own animals and the music! Thank you for inspiring our family!” -Sarah Quiroz

“Juliette’s classes are soul-filling! I WISH I could express how you have changed my vision and freed my mind.” -Dana Strickland

“Juliette shows how she works through creating a painting. What is especially great about this, besides the tips on technique, methods, and art materials, is that she shows how she goes through the ugly stages or the “this isn’t working” stages and pushes through. It is very inspirational (and comforting) to see a person who paints for a living also struggles with these issues.” -Renata Wurster

“Your classes opened my eyes to having more fun creating. I now am not scared of starting a project and I’m having a blast creating backgrounds!” -Nina Marie

“Thank you!! For teaching me to let go…splash paint…enjoy…and discover the joy of serendipitous moments.” -Sandy Leamon Derryberry

“I can’t tell you how much I learn from you explaining what you’re doing wrong and right while you’re painting. I feel so much more confident in my own art because of this, I am forgiving myself when I can’t paint a perfect picture, make a perfect doll or quilt on the first try.” -Peggy McDevitt

The Joy of Painting + Watercolor Portraits

Lately I have been playing with all sorts of new art supplies and colors.

When I first started painting again, I used lots of untraditional supplies like glitter and crayons. So I am going back to lots of those fun and playful supplies and adding them to my current favorites like oil paintsticks, paint pens, neons and acrylics to create a whole new look.

And, I have to say, I am having so much fun expressing myself in new ways and loving these new paintings.

So I thought I’d share all I’m learning and loving with you in a new class… THE JOY OF PAINTING!

In this new online course, I’ll share lots of in-depth tutorials (like the layered mixed media paintings below) along with more playful projects you can do with just a few supplies right in your living room (like the watercolor portraits above).

I haven’t released a new full-length painting workshop in over two years, so I can’t wait to share all of my new supplies and ways of painting with you!

Registration opens next week… on February 10th with a very special early bird sale. Class begins in April and registration closes the first week of class, so 6 Month Payment Plans will also be available.

You’ll have access to the classroom for 2 years and forever access to our incredibly supportive private community where I am always available for answering questions (I just delight in seeing the artwork you’re creating too)!

Sign up for my newsletter to get a little reminder when registration opens with a very special early bird sale.

If you know someone who enjoys art supplies as much as I do and might be interested in trying out The Joy Of Painting, feel free to share this post (there are links beside the Join The Conversation section above the comments).

Have a lovely weekend. See you in class!
xo Juliette

Ps. Business For Creatives starts February 12th. If you’d like to join us, you can find all of the details here.

When Is A Painting Finished?

Lately I’ve been conscious of taking a step back from a painting, before I overwork it.

There have been too many times, where I look back at my in progress photos and wish I would’ve left the painting loose and more free.

In my paintings, I go through so many layers and cover things up so many times, that people always ask, “How do you know when a painting is done?” And I’d have to say, it’s really more of a feeling than anything I notice visually.

Over time, I’ve recognized that feeling… a sort of ahh, deep breath moment where I can step back and feel like I’ve most accurately expressed my feelings on the page.

Noticing that’s the feeling I usually get when a painting is completed has helped me not overdo it when my mind kicks in and keeps me painting.

Happy painting!

Juliette Crane

Ps. If you want even more inspiration and insights into my creative process, plus some details that I only share in email, sign up for my newsletter here.

Serendipity SALE Ends Soon + Creativity Is A Gift

For years, when I believed I couldn’t make a living as an artist, I stopped creating.

I hid all of my artwork and supplies in the basement. It was too painful to create.

Now that I paint for a living, I’m constantly observing and documenting my creative process. I’ve learned to take a step back and recognize my patterns to make it easier for me to create.

I’ve seen that I always hit an “ugly stage.”

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The Best Worst Advice I’ve Ever Gotten


A good friend once told me not to be an artist. It was really the worst advice I’ve ever gotten.

I’d just started painting again and drove to Chicago to show her my new artwork (which I was super excited about). I couldn’t wait to get her opinion.

So when she told me not to be an artist, my heart sank.I knew she had the best intentions. Her experience had been that being an artist was hard.

But in that one moment, more than ever I thought, “I will show you.”

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