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Life As An Artist :: Painting From The Heart

I used to be afraid to stand out.

When I was in first grade the teacher tried to teach our class about proportions by dividing us into groups, based on certain characteristics.

For me, it was easy when she lined up everyone who was wearing blue on one side, red on the other, and neither blue nor red in the middle. No problem.

But what stood out to me, even at that age, was when she started to divide us based on our physical attributes – she asked everyone with blond, brown or black hair to go into different corners of the room. I had red hair, so I didn’t know where to go.

Then she separated everyone with blue, green, hazel or brown eyes. I have one blue eye and one green, so, again, I didn’t know where to go. 

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Letting Go + Developing Your Unique Style

Everyone always asks how I developed my artistic style.

I have to say, style was nothing I intentionally developed. It was just the thing that happened when I painted every day.

Most often I can look at a finished painting and see that it perfectly reflects who I am in that moment… all of the quirkiness and emotion I sometimes wish I could hide.

But I couldn’t TRY to make my art that way.

For me, finding my voice took a ton of painting, experimenting and following whatever brought me the most joy. 

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What Inspires You?

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I’m most inspired by nature and the feelings, emotions and stories I see around me, every day.

That’s why it’s so important for me to make sure I take time, each day, to find that inspiration.

In the summertime it seems easier to be inspired. My inspirations can come from something as small as a walk through my flower garden or wandering with my camera to take photos of colorful skies and grasses near my house.

I can find inspiration in something like the way a bird flies or the shape of a leaf – or be inspired by someone’s smile and an overheard conversation at the coffee shop.

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Bliss Mixed Media – Early Bird Sale + Finding Your Voice

I’m so excited to announce Early Bird Registration is now open for the upcoming session of Bliss Mixed Media Painting where we’ll be painting lots of whimsical animals, abstract portraits and so much more.

Find More Details, Read Testimonials and Register Here.

In this online painting class, I share many different mixed media projects that cover a variety of techniques and characters so you can easily create whatever whimsical animal or character that is unique to you and paint in your own style.

I’ll also take you with me on-location in videos and photos, so you can keep finding your own inspirations and developing your own artistic voice.

We’ll play with painting backgrounds and layering, experiment with lots of different art supplies, loosen up with drawing and coloring in our sketchbooks and have fun bringing all of these paintings to life. It’s all about giving you a place to begin, so your imagination can wander.

This is the perfect class for beginners or for those looking to loosen up and feel more relaxed in your art.

Here are the details:
* Class starts August 7th
* 6 Month Payment Plans Available
* 2 year access to the classroom
* Forever access to our online community, so you’ll always have a place to connect and feel supported with your artistic journey

Registration closes August 15.

I launched Bliss Mixed Media because I was hearing from so many students that they wanted to feel more relaxed with their artwork and learn to let go. Painting in my sketchbook has been one way that I have loosened up with my artwork.

Because it is so easy for me to overwork a painting.

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Letting Go + Getting Past the Ugly Stage

In every painting, there’s an ugly stage.

I hit a creative block where I assume my artwork is no good and that I can’t paint anymore. I’ve realized I reach this stage in every painting. Remembering that these blocks are just a part of my process has helped me to not be so hard on myself each time they happen. Then I can stop the emotional roller coaster and pull myself out of it.

Whenever I get frustrated with whatever I am creating, I take a step away.

Sometimes that means I go sketch by the lake, take a walk in the woods, start a new painting, fingerpaint or go back to using my favorite techniques and colors… I do whatever it takes to get myself back to a less serious place, so I can start having fun again.

When I’m at a creative block, I will come up with a million reasons why I can’t or shouldn’t paint.

This often happens when I am trying something new. I’ll be creating a character that looks too weird and all I want to do is cover it up so no one else will ever see it.

To get through this block, I go back and forth between painting that new thing and staying in,my comfort zone, Sometimes I will go back to painting owls or using my favorite blue hues – I do whatever it takes to get me feeling free again.

Happy painting!

With love + gratitude,
xo Juliette

Ps. The fall session of Business For Creatives is open for sale registration. Class starts September 3rd and 6 month payment plans are available. Find all of the details for Business For Creatives here.

Pps. Tomorrow is the last day to register for the current session of Wild and Free Painting. Find details and register here.

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Wild And Free Mini Course – Video Sneak Peek

I hope you enjoy this video… it’s a snip-it from one of the painting projects I share in Wild And Free Painting – A Mini Course.

To create this piece, I had so much fun going back to some of my favorite drawing supplies and techniques. I scribbled with chalk pastels, charcoal and pencil to create a soft look like clouds.

Lions are a symbol of bravery, but I love to give them a sense of calm and inner strength too.

I know that when I have a dream in mind I can run full force, forgetting the beauty around me. So I titled this painting as a reminder to follow dreams with a soft heart, knowing a COURAGEOUS DREAMER remembers the stillness of the flowers.

In Wild & Free Painting, I share many playful techniques and characters to help you feel more free in your artwork and find your own style.

That means we’re drawing and painting whimsical animals, feather-haired girls, imaginary creatures, watercolor portraits, lusciously layered backgrounds and more! I also share how to create a face in under 10 minutes with just a few supplies, so even if you don’t have a lot of space or time, you can still get creative and play.

This is the perfect class for beginners or for those looking to loosen up and feel more relaxed in your art.

Registration closes June 17, 2017

Register Here.

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