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inspired by claudine hellmuth + more books i love!

i’ve been doing lots of research for my upcoming online HOW TO PAINT AN OWL class! i think i now have 19 books and magazines out from the library! and the lovely and always amazing claudine hellmuth has long been an inspiration. 
collage discovery workshop by claudine hellmuth

i dream of publishing a technique book like hers someday! there are so many fun projects inside! sometimes i just love paging through how-to books to feel that kindred spirit-ness with other artists. it’s the same reason i adore wandering blogs. there’s so much inspiration out there!
and for that same reason, i’ve been rereading some of my favorite SARK books! i just love the layout and the way she puts a personal spin on everything to let you know just how she got through this or that. to me, it makes them a wonderful place to go for self-reflection.

the chronicles of narnia by cs lewis

and i’m always looking for books to keep my imagination growing. so the chronicles of narnia has been a favorite! there’s just something so renewing about curling up with this huge book and a cup of tea!

if you’re interested in seeing my past book recommendations, you can find more right here!


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have a lovely weekend, everyone!


  1. ~prosperity pie…sounds full of delicious information!!! quite a catchy little title…and narnia…could there be a greater land…one of my all time favorites…enjoy your quiet moments…warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  2. Great post Juliette! These look like good resources! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  3. I LOVE the library! Great looking books and I love The Chronicles of Narnia – I love getting lost in other worlds. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Oooh, lots of good reading here–along with a cup of tea–perfect!

  5. the chronicles of narnia are one of my absolute favs! i have that exact same book too. i read it all the time and i can't wait until my girls are old enough to read to them.

  6. thanks for the mention of my books! glad you got the Beyond the Unexpected one! it's now out of print 🙁

  7. thank you, claudine! i loved Beyond the Unexpected!

  8. I love looking at all these “How too books” also. I do not have any of Claudines. Although i think I will have to get one. But I do have the SARK books. Thanks Juliette for sharing.

  9. I have that *very* same copy of the Chronicles of Narnia!

  10. Great suggestions. When you look at Claudine's two books, you can see a big difference in her artistic style. I think it's interesting how she's evolved. The first one, while old, is chockful of great techniques that are still cutting edge today.

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