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{VIDEO} Serendipity + Having Fun With Painting

This video is one of the backgrounds we create for a project in my online workshop Serendipity 2 – Loosening Up With Mixed Media.

In this 9 minute video I share one of my favorite mixed media techniques for creating a lusciously layered background.

In class, we’ll layer all sorts of art supplies – oil paintsticks, watercolors, pastel, ink, acrylics, pencil, papers and pen. You’ll learn how to paint more freely, so you can easily develop your own style.

I hope you enjoy this video!

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{VIDEO} Overcoming Creative Blocks

One of the ways that I loosen up and stay creative every day is by painting backgrounds.

Every painting I create begins with covering up the white space, which is my time to play. I try and go back to whatever techniques and supplies I am most excited about so that each piece beging with fun and joy.

Then my intention is that the joy I feel gets infused into every painting and makes anyone who sees it smile.

In this 9 minute video I share some of my favorite mixed media techniques for creating backgrounds. This always gets me back to playing with my artwork and helps me to overcome creative blocks.

When I play, I find I also enjoy the process and end up liking what I paint more too.

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{VIDEO} Joy Of Painting & Playing With Art Supplies

I love mixing acrylic paints and inks together to get unusual colors that I then repeat throughout a collection.

The more fluid colors are perfect over papers or patterned backgrounds.

If you’re looking to add more whimsy and freedom to your artwork, don’t cover everything up in your painting. Instead, when you don’t like something, add a thin layer of ink on top to redefine your painting, but keep the underneath layers showing through.

In this 10 minute video I share one of my favorite mixed media techniques for creating a lusciously layered background.

I hope it keeps you inspired!

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Developing Your Style + WHIMSICAL ANIMALS Registration Is Open

Many of you have been asking about my whimsical animals painting classes and I’m so excited to open Early Registration on Whimsical Animals – Mixed Media Painting.

In this 12 Week workshop, you’ll learn to paint owls, rabbits, bears, foxes, lions and so much more.

I wanted to create a course that would help you build a library of characters and creatures that you could quickly create and then easily add to in a style that is unique to YOU.

Find More Details and Register Here.

Here is a little video preview…

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Business For Creatives Spring 2018 Early Registration Is Open + Overcoming My Shyness

I used to be afraid to raise my hand in class.

I’d learned that my ways of thinking and seeing were different from everyone else. When I shared an idea, I was often laughed at or told it was impossible. So I learned to stay quiet and be shy.

When I was in the third grade we had an art project where we were supposed to recreate a scene from a farm. I was paired with a fourth grader and she completely took over and shot down all of my ideas. But there was one idea I just wouldn’t let go.

We had access to everything in the art room, and, in a box of fabric scraps, I found strips of leather. I wanted to use that leather to recreate the spots on the cows.

This, I think, must have been my first mixed media art piece.

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Getting Over Creative Blocks + Painting Everyday

So often I get stuck with my paintings.

I’d been feeling really impatient with my paintings. I felt that if I didn’t finish a piece within a few days, the time that I had spent creating was not worthwhile. 

My paintings always take lots of layers before I can get to anything I like and really let go. But I started to find that I was putting off going into the studio because painting seemed too difficult. I just couldn’t get out what I needed to and never liked what I would end up painting. 

I had lost my joy in creating.

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