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5 NEW Art Supplies I'm Currently LOVING!

for my birthday i placed an order of art supplies from dick blick.

i’d never ordered art supplies online before. i always adore wandering art supply stores and craft shops, searching for random supplies to play and experiment with. my feeling was that i liked to see everything in person and see what popped out at me in the moment.

but i had no idea just how fun it would be to see everything online too! and how addictive i am certain it might be.

here are a few of my favorite art supplies that i’ve been using in my new paintings…  

Paint pens by Sharpie (i’m loving the neons and especially silver and gold),

new colors of water soluble oil pastels by Portfolio (i love the points, although i’ve already broken most of them off),

Shiva oil sticks (i use them over acrylics and to sketch on book pages),

neon blickrylic paints (fluorescent yellow orange and magenta…especially loving these mixed with a bit of a higher quality white paint),

and colored Bombay india inks (give a fabulous wash of sheer color).

What Are Your Favorite Art Supplies? I’d be delighted to know (and will probably end up ordering them too)!


ps. if you’d like to feel like mixed media painting, all of my online courses are now available as self-paced, instant access classes. 


  1. love the bombay inks! i use them all the time.
    and ihave never thought about shiva's for sketching!

  2. favorites are:
    Crayon d'Ache crayons, Strathmore Mixed Media Journal, neon yellow paint pen, R&F NEW encaustic paint colors: turq., pearl, and seafoam green. I also LOVE the paint pens!!!

  3. Thank you for sharing! We don't have an art store close to us, so I shop at Dick Blick, and it is addicting. I've been using my Derwent Watercolour pencils, and Derwent Inktense pencils a lot lately. Love Sharpies!

  4. Ha! I got the round Bombay inks set for Christmas! I'll be playing with them this weekend. I like how they are matte on paper. I am also enjoying my new Derwent Artbars!

  5. Loving my Derwent Inktense pencils and Crayon D'ache wax pastels! You reminded me to go and get some India ink though- thank you! Julie

  6. I've been ordering online for as long as I've been on line! Don't have the luck to be living in an area where there is actually an Art Store. Mostly just craft stores with limited REAL art supplies. Blick is great and I love Jerry's Artarama as well. I'm a little ashamed to say that I HAVE everything that's been blogged about 🙂 I am a bit of a color addict so if it's pretty & bright, I have it. I will say that the Caran D'Ache are wonderful. I've been using them since I first discovered them back in the 70's when they were wax based only. Now I have everything the company makes and it is ALL of superior quality. So nice to see that others like their colored pretties as much as I do. Happy New Year!

  7. love the Portfolio's and cant wait till we get the sharpie water based markers in OZ i use the Posca and love them , now please share more re the Shiva Paintstiks i have the primary set and havent opened them yet lol have your blog on my google reader and love it and your work…
    hugz bev

    • thank you! if you haven’t alread, I’ve a few videos up with the oil paintsticks (and lots that I post to instagram stories). I love the oil paintsticks! I mostly use them on my last layers with all of my other water based supplies to add creaminess and so much depth 🙂

  8. oh my, love to read about new art supplies. I love Marie's watercolors. They are Chinese and have such vibrant colors. They flow on watercolor paper like no other and they are highly pigmented.

  9. Guess what!!!
    I bought some new art supplies as well;-)
    Boxing day sale 25% @ Opus Art Store in Vancouver.

    1.Derwent artbars.~ watersoluble wax bar~ I haven't had a chance to really play with them; but will this weekend.
    2.Stabilo “All” pencils~ I can't get enough of these. I wear them out very fast. They are wonderful!!! I use black the most; but bought brown as well this time. They are also watersoluble. Will write on plastic,metal and paper/
    3. I also bought 3 different paper surfaces for mixed media. 140 lbs. Arches watercolor, 140 lbs Fabriano, Hahnemule Bamboo paper, and BFK Rives..will experiment with mixed media on all 4;-)
    4. Bought brushes 4 for $10 by grumbacher..not bad! love sales.

  10. Just bought some artbars as well this pass weekend. They are replacing them with the watersoluble oil pastels in our art store. Apparently they are better quality! Can't wait to play with them.;-)

  11. My favourite art supplies are pan pastels and pro markers in any colour I can find. I always buy online because it is so easy to do but so bad for the old purse 🙁

  12. Awesome Juliette! My current favourite is a GelliArts printing plate – makes great background papers. Cat x

  13. i love the pan pastels too…will have to try the pro markers. it's a little too easy to place art supply orders online 🙂

  14. sounds so fun! i haven't tried the artbars yet…excited to see they're water soluble 🙂

  15. i've been playing with the shiva paintsticks and am ordering more! i LOVE them! they just make the most luscious marks. still trying them out and can't wait to get more colors…will definitely share all of the new paintings soon 🙂

  16. i have been, and still am, over the moon with my luminarte primary elements artist pigment powders! and i LOVE dick blick – love love. we have no art supply stores anywhere near me so i have been ordering online for years. no sooner do i place my order than i find myself adding things to my cart for the next one!

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