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With Wisdom, She Stands: a NEW Owl Painting

TITLE: With Wisdom, She Stands
Original  Painting (SOLD)
Prints available in my etsy shop.

Sometimes I get to a point in my paintings where I know it needs something else. 

I may like my character and colors. But the piece just needs something more.

That’s when I drag out my stacks of vintage wallpaper books and my paper collection and add some embellishments.

But to get to that point, this owl had to go through a lot of layers and a few beautiful mistakes…

I had my owl’s posture and look in place early on.

I liked how simple and light she appeared.

But then I added my vintage decoupage on top. And the bleeding art tissue paper just seeped in a terrible way.

I knew I would have some finishing to do after I added that decoupage. But my owl looked like she was wearing a mask. And I really wanted the painting to stay soft and calm.

So I added lots and lots of layers of white paint to even out her face and skin tone.

But I knew the owl needed something more. 

And that’s when the vintage wallpaper came in.

My sister-in-law had just gifted me with a few more wallpaper books. 

I hadn’t even looked through them yet, but as soon as I found they butterfly and flower inspired pattern, I knew it was the one!

TITLE: With Wisdom, She Stands
Original Painting (SOLD).
Prints available in my etsy shop.

And with a few wallpaper cut-outs, the painting was done! A very strong-willed owl that is off to find that perfect match in the sky.

Here is her story…

WITH WISDOM, SHE STANDS, following her heart and knowing that true happiness can only come when love and passion unite.


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happy painting!
pps. i started a photo blog on tumbler to showcase my daily photos, favorite art supplies, and book recommendations. 


  1. Now i've got a new blog to follow 🙂

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