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With Grace, Stand Strong :: NEW Painting

With Grace, Stand Strong. 20 x 24″ on canvas with 1″ deep sides. (SOLD).
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This was one of those paintings that I had to step away from before I ruined it.

I love painting big. I can get my entire body into the process and really splash paint around.

But I always feel I need to overwork every inch of the canvas. It’s hard for me to remember in the moment to take a step back and look at the parts I love, so I don’t cover them up.

When I begin a big painting, I start by pouring and dripping big bottles of paint onto my canvas. Then I use my hands to smoosh the paint around.

It makes me feel like a kid… and there’s no right or wrong.

When I went to add my character, I started with the eyes.

I always need to define my character’s eyes before I really know where the character is going, but I usually sketch the outline of the figure first.

I never just have two eyes peering out from the canvas. But that was such a revelation in this piece.

As I began to paint the eyes, they led me to the rest of the painting. I realized the eyes were way too powerful to cover up and needed to turn into a very strong and powerful woman.

I was careful not to overwork the piece. I wanted to leave it raw.

My intention was to let those eyes lead me to the rest of the character, and then leave it. That’s how she got her name…

I titled this painting as a reminder to stand behind my heart and listen to my soul, knowing that no matter what sort of hurricane may be exploding on the outside, peace and wisdom will always be found within. WITH GRACE, STAND STRONG.

Happy painting!

Juliette Crane

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