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I remember looking out my window each night before bed. I’d say the little rhyme Starlight Star Bright and WISH UPON A STAR. This piece is for all of the dreamers out there. May all your wishes comes true.

Archival Prints of WISH UPON A STAR now available in my Art Shop.

WISH UPON A STAR 8 X 8 Inch Print of Mixed Media Painting
This painting was so much fun to create. The cut out stars in the background are from a congratulations card I received and her little legs are cut from some beautiful gift wrap. I added origami paper for her outfit and earrings, pastels, pencil, ink, acrylics, watercolor and glitter. I haven’t used glitter in a piece for a while, so when I thought this girl needed glitter at her feet I dismissed it. The stars weren’t even in the sky yet, so I had no idea what this painting was about. Finally, I walked away and when I came back, I realized of course! she needs copper glitter in her hair and all around her feet just like a shooting star!


  1. So pretty! Have a lovely day!

  2. Gorgeous beauty!! Full of spirit!

  3. she's darling…..i love her glitter in her hair and at her feet!!

    happy day to you!!


  4. So lovely! I love the copper glitter, that is one of my favorite glitter colors. Very whimsical and colorful! 🙂 ~Lauren

  5. i adore her. SHE is a star. YOU are a star.
    sweetened by magical glitter. shining.
    beautiful. every delightful layer. xo

  6. wow, lots of material here but it works really well and she looks adorable, I liker her origami outfit

    thanks for your visit

  7. She's a beauty Juliette. I love the colors.

  8. I love a dreamer with style! Love those earrings! You can't go wrong with dreaming… Another little beauty! xo

  9. Hi, You put a smile in my heart when I found you as a follower. Thank you for the nice comments. I am eager to read more of your blog…what I have seen so far makes me so happy you found me because now I have found YOU! 🙂

  10. She is sweet, I love the sky too!

  11. i looked around your happy shop and wanted to say what a sweet spirit there is to your work here a well..let there be glitter when needed!!

  12. i love this latest piece. Beautiful

  13. She is so cute! I love the story behind the creation too. Inspiring, I have to say, I am just starting to play around with mixed media, and this really gives me ideas. I am a lover of glitter so I am so glad you gave her some sparkle.


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