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Whimsical Animals From My Life Book Lesson

sketchbook drawing. by juliette crane

before i launched my full length online course HOW TO CREATE WHIMSICAL ANIMALS, i created a mini tutorial earlier this year for my Life Book lesson. 

seeing all of the amazing artwork from that class really inspired me to create the full length online course (which stays open until August 2013). 

i’ve been so delighted to see everyone take my simple shape templates and use them to create animals that are completely and uniquely THEM! each character so has its own personality! i just adore seeing all of these whimsical animals! 

by sarah robertson
by natasha may
by lucy chen
by lucy chen

by deb mongato

by deb mongato

by june varey

by june varey

by emma field

by darcy wilkinson

by darcy wilkinson

by kylie fowler

by Jami Denman AKA Jamilola Talula

thank you to everyone for sharing your artwork! 

have a lovely weekend!


ps. there has already been so much inspiring artwork created in HOW TO CREATE WHIMSICAL ANIMALS. and class has just begun…i cannot wait to see even more! 


  1. I really loved this lesson. 🙂 Awesome animals came out of it. 🙂

  2. It was a wonderful and inspiring lesson, great artwork achieved by everybody.

  3. Ditto to the above! I totally enjoyed the lesson and signed up for the Whimsical Animals class and now cannot stop creating these cuties. Thanks again Juliette ~oxox~
    PS. How exciting to get a mention on your blog too! x

  4. so happy to have your artwork here on my blog, sarah. thanks for sharing your inspiration! i can't wait to see what you create next 🙂

  5. thanks for sharing your artwork here, darcy. have a lovely weekend!

  6. so happy to hear you loved the lesson. it's been so fun to see everyone's artwork 🙂

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