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  1. As always, enjoying your favorite things. Thanks for sharing!

    I tried homemade crackers and FAILED!!! I think it was due to rolling them too thin.
    That first flower picture is…. WOW!!! What are those?

  2. Love your favorite things:O) all those flowers and homemade crackers wow!!! They look yummy, have a great day today:O)

  3. Beautiful photos! Are you sharing the recipe for the crackers?

  4. it's a recipe we just ad-lib with each time…this last batch was based off of this one:

    we added chopped rosemary and sage and chives 🙂

  5. What is the guardian of the garden?

  6. i think that “guardian” is actually a dog top that someone dropped in our front yard 🙂 we couldn't figure out what else it might be…

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