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things that make me smile

hiking through the snow…
is really my favorite way to enjoy winter outdoors.
especially when the sun is shining…
the blue sky with the white is just so stunning.
and everything is magnificently quiet…
and the sun seems so bright!
and even the wild turkeys are having a good time! they run as though they’re wearing high heels and are so fun to watch!


  1. looks like a beautiful day…

  2. Beautiful pictures! 🙂

  3. It's beautiful… I've only experienced snow like this once and I LOVED it! My husband keeps telling me I wouldn't want to live in it… but I'm not so sure…

  4. you live in a beautiful place. those first two… stunning!Happy New Year!

  5. Oh, my gosh, Juliette… those pictures are absolutely, stunningly, gorgeous!!! I also just saw that you are enrolled in Misty Mawn's art workshop… YAY! Me too! So glad for the opportunity to get to know you better. CAN'T WAIT for the 10th!

  6. Beautiful photographs – love Wisconsin! And I love your ornaments that you made! I have a valentine-making party and exchange. I am thinking something like that would be delightful! Pretty blog, Juliette!

  7. What beautiful pictures. There is so much texture to your snow.

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