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Things That Are Making Me Smile-more flowers!

i am so loving taking photo walks and snapping pictures of all of the gorgeous flowers in bloom! each flower makes me so happy! and completely inspires me for colors and beauty to add into my paintings!

the iris and clematis are all blooming in my garden now…it’s so wonderful to sit and read, paint and write in the backyard. i hope you enjoyed the flowers!


ps. i updated my ABOUT page on my website with a few new stories you may not have heard before.

pps. the next  HOW TO PAINT A GIRL e-course starts next week…find all of the details and register right here.
there’s also a session of HOW TO PAINT AN OWL coming up in July! 


  1. Love all of your flower shots Juliette! I couldn't agree with you more on this one…Flowers are my favorite thing to shoot and they never cease to amaze me….the varieties, the colors, the delicacy of them yet their ability to withstand the elements…flowers are amazing and they make me happy as well..please stop by my blog if and when time permits and check out some of my flower shots…think you will enjoy them or I hope at least! Thanks for sharing and have a beautiful weekend! <3

  2. Wow! Absolutely lovely, I love the flowers – your garden must be a riot of colour. I'm not sure if Wisconsin is 'up north' or further south, but summer seems to have reached you early. Love them all, but the clematis gives me joy.

  3. thank you! off to go look at your flowers too 🙂 xo

  4. my garden is just crazy with color right now…so much yellow and purple! it's at the point where i may need to cut it back so we can use the path 🙂 it is pretty early here in wisconsin for all of these blooms…especially at once 🙂 xo

  5. Oh beautiful Spring!! I'm jealous Juliette and cannot wait to get over there in August for a taste of California Summer. Beautiful flower pics!
    Tracy xo

  6. hope to run into you while you're in the states 🙂

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