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things that are making me smile

Egg in the middle and knowing all of the other names this breakfast treat has,

red blooms on trees,

my daffodils almost open,

my outdoor office in the garden,

primary hued tea sets,

and a giant bucket of fabric just waiting for me to sew into something!


the sun is out and the snow is almost melted…

and i’m taking a bit of a long weekend! 

have a lovely easter, everyone!

see you back here on monday!


  1. sun is out here too. we have reached the 50's. i always forget how good 50 feels after the winter.

    hope all is well with you.

  2. Loving those red flowers! Enjoy your weekend! We have fog and chillyness here!

  3. Well YOU made me smile today!

  4. Oh that breakfast looks so good. And the flowers are beautiful. Lovely post. :)

  5. Love all those pictures! Have a lovely weekend! Janna

  6. Happy Easter Juliette, hope it's a great one.

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