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things that are making me smile

dinosaurs as halloween decorations,
brilliant orange leaves,
 HUGE public sculptures hanging from trees,
 giant flowers still blooming,
 rocket ships,
 and the guardian of our house (a Dr. Evermor bird that matches the one in our backyard).


  1. Awesome Dr. Evermor bird! Thank you for the link to his site. Great pictures.

  2. how great that you have such brilliant leaf colors AND still big blooming flowers! 🙂 i love that too!

  3. Wonderful stuff! I LOVE the dinosaur!

  4. I love what you've did with your yard , the dinosaur is too cute , should keep him around all year long ! : )

  5. Beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing! I love you're Guardian 😉 I wouldn't mess w/him!

  6. Ahh so smiley and lovely and especially think the dinosaur is fabulous halloween dec…hmmm think i might do that myself….now where can is find a Tyrannosaurus! Enjoy your upcoming weekend xx

  7. I love your house guardian, but what I really love are those gorgeous orange leaves! We just don't get that in Florida, and I miss it from when I was in college in Ohio.

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