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things that are making me smile

chocolate cookies baked by wonderful friends (these cookies tasted just like flourless chocolate cake!),
heart-shaped potatoes,
blue skies and just fallen snow,
little piglets dancing, 
my classic pharmacy up the street (which also doubles as the best post office and costume shop ever!),
warm sweater socks,

and blowing out candles on birthday cakes!


  1. What a wonderful collection of photos! They all made me smile, too!

  2. i am so loving those socks! and the sweets don't look bad either. 😉

  3. Yum, lots of goodness. Hope you had a wonderful birthday!!!

  4. I just love that heart potato! Thanks for sharing, Juliette!

  5. thank you! i did have a wonderful birthday and that cake was part of it! the socks belong to my lovely friend beth, who also baked those fabulous cookies and found that heart of a potato!

    xo, juliette

  6. I love the sweater socks.

  7. Such a cozy blog , those cookies look yummy too!:p

  8. The East side just got a Mallatt's, too, right around the corner from my house. Mallatt's AND St. Vinny's… oh, the costume possibilities!


  9. Sweet post! And that birthday cake looks super yummy!! 🙂

  10. Where did you get those socks?? I love them.

  11. Thank you for making me smile too!
    I hope you are staying warm in Madison – it's cold down here in Chicago!

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