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sharing her heart she healed

TITLE: Sharing Her Heart She Healed. Prints available in my etsy shop.
This painting evolved SO many times! She was always a bird, but she started with a brown and yellow head (rather realistic and unusual for me). Then the crown around her face happened and she seemed especially magical. I just had to layer on more color, so I went for blue (a color I often choose when I long for more color), but once the blue dried, it still didn’t seem right. Too bright. That’s when the green came in.

And time and time again, as I layered more spray painted stencils in the background then covered them up with acrylics and pastel, I thought I’d ruined this piece. I got green in all of the wrong places and in all of the wrong shades, but I kept working at it, kept trying to get at what was trying its hardest to get out of me. And then I found that it wasn’t so much this adorable little character, but the green.

If I had a super soft and cozy green blanket, I would wrap up in it. And to me, that’s what this painting is all about. Green is a color of compassion and healing. This painting expresses the comfort and compassion I feel whenever I create something, knowing that with each small expression, a bit of kindness is shared and spreads ten fold. I LOVE that. And I love knowing that by SHARING HER HEART SHE HEALED.


  1. Love it so sweet! the green is perfect!!

    Micki x

  2. Well said…LOVE knowing the though processes behind artists…

  3. I loved hearing about this process!

  4. i adore the message & the beautiful art!
    loooooooove to you!! xox

  5. She is gorgeous! And the message is so utterly true. ♥

  6. You have just the perfect touch with your art and colors and paints. Happy creating…

  7. Green has always been my favorite color… To me it means home and “respiriting”… which I guess can be pretty much the same as comfort and healing… She's green and beautiful…

  8. I really love how she seems to “glow”!!

  9. WOW! my heart sees your heart. this painting is richer for the journey you went on to discover is amazing she was under all those layers, colours and techniques just waiting to reveal the healing…

  10. perfect, and I so enjoyed reading the journey you went through to get here… and green … is one of the Heart Chakra colours.. haha…xo

  11. Sharing my heart and she healed…this is my journey today and hopefully tomorrow.
    Thanks for sharing.

  12. Green looks amazing! It's good to know you can trust yourself to go with the flow of your painting and come out with a goreous piece.

  13. Aww wow! I just love this painting, Juliette: the colours, the sentiments and the hope that shines through the layers too. Truly beautiful.
    Hugs xx

  14. Such a lovely sweet post and i love the meaning behind this piece. She is truely beautiful! I too love the idea of trusting yourself and go with the flow of your creativity! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

  15. and what a beautiful, sort of emerald green she is!

  16. Looking at this makes my heart feel good. And the story of its process has so much meaning. It's lovely, Juliette. Must have one. Off to Etsy…

  17. Juliette – I so love the story behind this one. It really reaches out to me. I've only just dipped into your site, but this one is my favourite so far. So fantastic!

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