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 TITLE: In Bloom. Prints available in my Etsy Shop.

I just can’t get over how lucky I am to be where I am today. It all seems so hard to believe. I never, ever thought I could be an artist. It was always just creative stuff that I did, whether I was embellishing t-shirts, making birthday cards or happy banners, or painting murals on my bedroom walls. I just did it.

As my FLYING LESSONS class comes to an end, I’m getting a bit sentimental and thinking back to where I was a year ago. I had just attended a novel writing workshop and gotten many compliments on the feather hair clip I was wearing, so I decided to make some more and open my etsy shop. I sold a few hair clips and beaded earrings (I hadn’t even started my paintings yet), mostly to the people from my workshop. It wasn’t much, but it was a whisper… I was dying to live life as an artist.

The next whisper came after a trip to the dentist. It was one of those things I was of course putting off, but I got to talking with my hygienist who was so sweet and wearing a beautiful necklace. She mentioned her friend had created it. And that’s how I met a local goldsmith, Beth Lee Stern. She got me realizing that I could sell more of my work. We walked over to a little restaurant and fiber arts gallery in the cute little town of Montecello WI and I nervously showed my earrings and hair clips (all nicely packaged with tags and ribbon) to the curator, and oh-my! I actually sold a few more! That really got my confidence up.

 TITLE: Fearless. The Original Mixed Media Painting and Prints available in my etsy shop.

Then Beth mentioned she had to drop off some jewelry at an art auction and I offered to go. I didn’t realize  I’d be driving three hours each way! What was I doing? But something inside had pushed me to go. I followed that whisper and arrived at this gorgeous winery in the middle of nowhere all lit up and beautiful! They were serving fabulous locally grown food to art lovers. I was in pure bliss! One man even came up to me and bought the earrings I was wearing! That little bit of serendipity pushed me over the edge, honestly, to where I am today

And I am so excited to see where this journey takes me. I’ve been loving meeting so many incredible people and being so inspired by seeing all of the amazing creative work going on in the world. And I am loving the opportunity to share it with you. THANK YOU for standing with me on this creative journey!

Live Your Bliss!


  1. Hello fellow flyer. Lovely post and wonderful painting! It's nice to know we will not be flying alone through our creative endeavors, we will have each others support ♥

  2. What an inspiring post. Juliette you are wonderful and so is your work. I am so sad our flying lessons are coming to an end too. Can't wait so see what we put ourselves into next, actually I know what I'm doing next, I'm taking Marisa creative e-course in July, I couldn't resist we get to make stuff.

  3. I loved to hear your personal story! It's very inspiring!!!

  4. What an incredibly inspiring, joyful post! I feel so much better about everything after reading this! Thank you, Juliette!

  5. What a beautiful post! Thank you for sharing your joy and inspiring so many smiles! I love your story, and your work! ~Kathy

  6. Keep following those whispers Juliette!

  7. beautiful, beautiful encouragement… I am so happy for you!

  8. Nice of you to share your journey. I'm with you on the artist thing. Never in a million years would I thought that when I turned 30 I would call myself an artist.:) Gorgeous artwork!

  9. What a great post – love, love, love your artwork. So sad our class is ending also – but also feeling so very blessed to have learned so much and for connecting with so many inspirational people!

  10. Wow, it has been a fast and amazing journey for you, Juliette. And the best is yet to come, no doubt! Thanks so much for sharing that. Leaving on vacation, see you in a few weeks!!

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