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rest with your dreams

TITLE: rest with your dreams. prints available in my etsy shop.

there’s just something about this girl that i so absolutely love. i kept her simple.

i just cleaned out my art closet and found all sorts of new fabric that i used to use for embellishing t-shirts and bags. now i’m finding they’re absolutely perfect to use as stencils in my paintings!

for this piece, i knew i wanted a girl with long braids. and as i kept painting, i played a lot with not only keeping her simple, but maintaining a minimal black and white color palette so she’d stay standing out.

TITLE: rest with your dreams. prints available in my etsy shop.

i reached a point where i adored her expression and hair, but i had no idea what was going on with the background and scene. 

so i went with the not knowing and smudged a patch of white paint across the bottom. then i got the idea that she seemed to be waking up from a dream and i wasn’t certain whether she was getting out of bed or heading into that dream, so i defined a few shapes in the background to look like bedposts and left the rest just filter and be.

she’d definitely all about dreaming and imagination, knowing that it’s alright to be at REST WITH YOUR DREAMS!


  1. She does look dreamy!

    ….oh and I gor my issue of Somerset Gallery in the mail today and was delighted to see multiple pages dedicated to you and your wonderful art! Congrats 😀

  2. Beautiful Juliette! I love the black white and red! Great together! She does look dreamy!!

  3. You've really captured that dreamy feeling with this one and I love the suggestion of the bedpost. It leaves us to dream….xx

  4. thank you!

    so happy you found my work in somerset gallery! i came home from england to find my issue waiting and cannot wait to share the photos and a few new fabulous things in the works 🙂

    have a wonderful weekend!

  5. ah, the girl with the braids.. she is lovelyx

  6. Wow! She just pops out of the painting in all her gorgeousness. Love her hair!

  7. I love how her body isn't defined and her expression is so sweet. Total loveliness!!

  8. I like to think she's waking from a dream with remnants of the night surrounding her. Nice piece Juliette.

  9. What a lovely piece Juliette. Such sweetness in her expression and such a softness overall. I love your work!

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