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Poetry In Nature :: A Painting From Start to Finish

Poetry In Nature. 9×12″ on Paper (Sold). More originals available here.

This is another flower girl painting inspired by spring and flowers. She is titled POETRY IN NATURE.

I’ve just fallen in love with painting these flower printed backgrounds. It only seems natural to add a girl with flowers in her hair.

For this piece, the lovely Ann Margaret Arnold gifted me with some beautiful wrapping paper. I’ve never used a specific image for my collage before, but these flowers just seemed too perfect for a girl’s hair.

Once I added the flowers though, I froze.

It wasn’t until I layered on top of them with acrylics, pencil and paint pens that they started to fit. I was so afraid to cover them up completely, but knew they needed a few layers so that didn’t appear so separate from the rest of the painting.

Whenever I try something new and out of my comfort zone like that it pushes me in new directions. But so often, at first, I don’t know what to do.

It takes going through a few ugly stages before I figure it out.

I’m still not completely in love with this girl as I think she feels too overworked and lacks the fluidity of my other flower girls. But I remind myself… it was my first time using this new technique. It should take a few tries before I get to what I really like.

If I’m really evolving my style and growing, I have to push through the uncomfortable bits to get to what really feels right.

Have you been creating anything new lately?

This time of year always gets me thinking of spring flowers and colors, so it seems I just have to add them to my paintings. I’d love to hear what you’ve been painting lately and will be sure to respond to your comments at the end of this post.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Happy painting!

Juliette Crane

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  1. Love her! Really enjoy reading and seeing the process. Everything I do is a new process, lol. I am really feeling my way through now so much more than ever before. Thank you for that!

  2. I just discovered your site and am so intrigued. I’m not an artist but I know I have some artistic talent. I’m thinking about the mini class as a way to get my feet wet in the art journaling, mixed media waters.

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