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painting in-progress

my owls really seem to be merging with all i learned at my workshop with jesse reno! i’m loving this little guy’s posture! and the background really evolved when i painted him with color!

then when i added his face and eyes, his personality really seemed to pop! i added a lamppost shining bright on the right and an abstract sun rising on the left. 
i’m still trying to get his body right and define his character… but i know there’s a real story here and i can’t wait to find out where it goes next!


  1. I love your owls and I cannot wait to try them. I'm learning to do them out of the Somerset mag. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us and showing us how you create such beautiful art.

  2. This is looking good! Can't wait to see how you progress. :)x

  3. Ahhh . . . to think I get to spend five weeks with you learning about these little owls. This morning's lessons were wonderful. You are amazing Juliette. How lucky I am to be taking your e-course!

  4. love to see these little guys. Thanks again for your wonderful instructions. Hugs

  5. You owl is so adorable, love the expression 🙂

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