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our winter wonderland

yesterday morning we woke up to this WINTER WONDERLAND!
so i sat, sipping coffee at our back patio door and admired these branches.
then after breakfast, the sun began to peek out.
and soon it was all blue skies and we just had to get out there!
so we bundled up in our snow suits and layers of long underwear,
and had so much fun wandering our little neighborhood and finding this giant snowman, completely decked out…
and these red berries, still hanging on…
and since we were all dressed in our snowsuits, why wouldn’t we just jump in the snow…
and make snow angels!
i hope you all had a wonderful weekend too! it’s officially my BIRTHDAY tomorrow, so i will be taking the day off to eat lots of chocolate and play in the snow some more!!!
best wishes to all of you!


  1. happy early birthday juliette! your winter pix are lovely. sounds like you had a fab weekend 🙂

  2. Wow! These pictures are great Juliette! We are still waiting on our first snow in my part of NY! We had a ton of rain yesterday and if it were colder it would have been some snowstorm! Glad you had fun!

    Happy Birthday!! Have a fabulous day tomorrow!! 🙂

  3. You've inspired me to embrace our next snowstorm instead of dread it!

  4. Just gorgeous! Happy birthday for tomorrow – hope you have lots more fun! And don't forget to take a moment to remember what an awesome year you have had! BethXx

  5. I love that kind of snow! I can't wait for some to head my way. We had a dusting this morning but nothing more. Happy Birthday tomorrow!

  6. Hey Juliette….it's my birthday tomorrow too!! I think I'm a little older than you though!! Happy Birthday Sweetie!!

  7. Winter is so beautiful…I love these photos!

    Have an amazing birthday tomorrow! All the best:)

  8. Happy Chocolate Birthday and thanks for sharing your beautiful snow with us Texas folks! Our blizzard happened last year and it is an unusual winter when we see this much snow! Happy Holidays and send some White Christmas to Fort Worth!

  9. Awesomeness! I love your winter wonderland , Im out here in Cali so , I have to go up to the mountains to get some snow , it snows every once in a while in the desert here. Thanks for your adventure! : P

  10. Happy Birthday Juliette,
    May all your birthday wishes come true.

    Warm Regards,

  11. Happy Birthday, dahling 🙂 May it be full of many kisses and wishes!!!

    I love the photos of snow and frolic since here in California we get fog and maybe a bit of frost. Not enough for a winter wonderland but at least I can live winter through your photos!

  12. ♫ ♪ Happy Birthday!! ♫ ♪ Have the best year ever!
    I am in love with your winter wonderland!

  13. thank you for all of the super sweet birthday wishes! so happy to inspire you, tiffany. i'm not the biggest fan of winter, so i have to get out and enjoy it!

  14. Happy Birthday Juliette. I hope your day is as wonderful as you are! ENJOY!

  15. I agree, your winter photo/story was inspiring.
    Happy Birthday to you. Lorna. 🙂

  16. Oh dearest sweet Juliette, such fun!!! This is as close as i get to seeing snow! 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing these photos…looking at them make me happy. 🙂
    Happy birhtday!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a lovely merry happy celebration and love to you!!

  17. Lovely photos! Happy Birthday!

  18. OMGosh Juliette. I can't even begin to imagine how having snow around the house feels. It looks sooo beautiful.I'm sitting here in a singlet dress, thinking about going for a swim! Happy Birthday, may your day be heartwarmingly special.

  19. I am so jealous!!!!! I want to make snow angels!
    Happy Birthday Juliette!!!!

  20. WOW!
    i have never seen real snow like that. how special.
    thanks for sharing your beautiful vista…

  21. Happy birthday! Love the snow angel

  22. happy birthday sweet girl…..snow angel….artist extraordinaire 🙂

    ps…i have some art books you are more than welcome to borrow…actually there a number of them i'll even give to you 🙂

  23. we've gotten about 2 feet in about 3 days ourselves….it's so much work but so beautiful and fun too. Thanks for sharing your wintery fun and hope you have a most fantastic birthday.

  24. Hope you're having a wonderful birthday… May all of your wishes come true!


  25. Woohoo…..yay to birthday celebrations and to snow angels. Fabulous piccies. What an amazing year. xx

  26. Happy Birthday!

    Lovely photos of the snow. We're enjoying ours, too. Such fun.

  27. thank you so much for all of the wonderful birthday wishes 🙂

  28. so glad u made the most of all that beautiful snow!

  29. love the snow shots!! you are brave, i just looked at it from my warm home, lol. though you two looked like you had the right clothing on…and that beard! love! xo

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