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New Owl Painting :: Gladdening of the Heart

GLADDENING OF THE HEART. 10 x 10″ on wood. (SOLD).
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To keep creative, I always need to follow whatever it is that is inspiring me. And, sometimes, that means painting what comes easiest.

For this owl, I started out trying hard to paint something different. That just made me hate the creative process, so no matter what I put down on the canvas, it felt overworked and forced.

Then I went back to painting what I love… owls.

And that’s when I started having fun again and things began to fall into place.

This painting started with lots of drips and splatters of paint pens and inks.

Then I layered on some acrylics and defined it all with stabilo pencil.

I titled this painting as a reminder to make feeling joyful a priority, knowing that in following my bliss, I am more aware and awakened to new things that lead to a GLADDENING OF THE HEART.

Happy painting!

Juliette Crane

Ps. If you’d like to paint together, click here to watch video previews for my online classes.

This owl is similar to what we paint in my How To Paint An Owl 2, where I break down all of the steps to creating whimsical owls.

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