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NEW Mixed Media Painting: With Faith

Original (SOLD).
Prints available in my etsy shop

this reindeer girl started out as a happy flower. 

i just couldn’t get her face right… until i gave her an animal nose. and from there, she fell into place.

her body was created with layers of bleeding art tissue paper and acrylic….sort of a beautiful mistake. 

since i’ve played with the bleeding art tissue paper before, i knew that when i applied a coat of vintage mod podge on top, the paper would bleed, and, in this case, a bit too much into the background. 

but that inspired me to paint the background all black and really make the colors pop. then i added the moon made with book pages, ink and acrylic paints. and patterned the background using pant markers (one of my new favorite art supplies).

Original (SOLD).
Prints available in my etsy shop.

this reindeer girl knows that even when darkness moves in and all feels overwhelming, there is always something new around the corner when you move forward WITH FAITH.


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  1. Gorgeous, just gorgeous and I love the way those glorious pinks are enhanced by the dark greys. 🙂
    Jess x

  2. thank you! i'm loving to have a moon in a painting that becomes a second character 🙂

  3. thanks! beautiful mistakes…those bright pinks 🙂

  4. I love the patterns and the texture. She lives in a magical place.

  5. 'Congrats on the sale…This is GREAT!!!!
    Your work is AWESOME!!!!
    Please look at my blog:

  6. Love this piece, especially the textures. Magical! x

  7. awesome! It's true haven't seen you put much painting up here in a while, but really

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