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my elephant with gold toes + my pre-birthday celebration sale!

TITLE: Elephant With Gold Toes

this little elephant really touches my heart. i’ve no idea where he came from. here i was, painting all of these owls, and all of a sudden this elephant appears!
this is how he started. sort of like a casper ghost. 
i’d had this square canvas covered with it’s spray painted design since my open art studios event at the start of october! i wasn’t too much for that reddish brown color, so i painted in the white ground.
something in me was saying to make him an elephant, so i added that crazy trunk and big ears. then i rounded out the horizon line so it feels a bit more like a circus stage or the edge of the earth (i’m not sure which).
next i gave the background a deep burgandy glaze (thinned down color), so you could still see the spray painted pattern but in a much richer hue.

then i knew he just had to get those gold toes! i used some of my vintage origami paper from my great aunt june’s collection to cut out the little half circles. 

and he got GREEN eyes.
a week later (after i’d given my studio a makeover), i was thinking i’d waited too long to finish him. that there was no way i could get back into capturing his spirit that had been drawing me in before. but i got out my ink markers and decorated those gorgeous eyes.
then i had this thought of being in grade school. and i turned one GREEN eye into a BLUE eye.
i remember being in first grade with my strawberry blond hair and my one green and one blue eye. the teacher was trying to teach us something about proportions, so she divided the class based on hair color. she added a red classification to the blond side, just for me. 
then there was the choice of blue or green eyes. there too, i didn’t know where to go. and part of me had fun with the idea that i could choose between green and blue-i could be whatever i wanted. but the other part felt a bit lost and out of place-like i didn’t belong there. 
i mention this because there’s something about painting this elephant that made me think about that day in my first grade classroom. and so, he not only got gold toes, but one beautiful blue and one green eye in celebration of our differences!
i added a gold bubble popping up from his trunk to match his toes, and an origami paper circle at his center.
TITLE: Elephant With Gold Toes
then i thought i was finished and sprawled out across my new studio’s floor space and melted beeswax on the painting’s surface.
and isn’t it ironic, that my iron completely melted away his blue and green eyes! so i had to go in and draw them once again!

and now i am completely in love with my ELEPHANT WITH GOLD TOES!


TITLE: THINE and THOU TOGETHER. Prints available in my etsy shop.

ps. it’s my BIRTHDAY next week! and i’m celebrating with a 2 DAY SHOP SALE! STARTING TOMORROW, all PRINTS are BUY ONE GET ONE FREE! just mention the additional print title you’d like in the note to seller when you make your purchase!

 TITLE: SPEAK YOUR TRUTH by Danielle Fraser

pps. tomorrow is the day for sales! i’ve been
so inspired by danielle’s beautiful paintings. and she just so happens to be having a HUGE sale in her shop too!

the sale starts tomorrow and ends on Friday December 10th–40% off on ALL of her ORIGINALS! i really love danielle’s artwork and hope you have a chance to stop by her blog and shop and see what she’s been up to!


  1. ~oh i think you have captured the essence of celebrating our differences beautifully sweet with your elephant…your muse took you down memeory lane and what came to be of it is just so darn cute!!! everything about this little guy is perfect…to me his eyes speak a thousand unspoken words…thank you for allowing us to be apart of your special day by offering a sale…will be back tomorrow to have a look!!! warm wishes and brightest of birthday blessings upon you this year to come and always~

  2. Oh, YES! The gold-toed elephant is beautiful!

  3. A very Happy Birthday to you!

  4. Stunning! Your blog and work are FAB and I'm so glad I found you (through the collage making directory) – I will be back as I am now a follower – thank you for the beautiful inspiration this morning, xo

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Elephant!!!! 🙂

  6. He's gorgeous! The red background looks amazing too, it suits the painting really well. xx

  7. Happy early Birthday Juliette and Happy Sale! Your new elephant is ABSOLUTELY adorable! He has so much personality! Thank-you so much for sharing my ART on your blog. I am one of your biggest fans! xo

  8. Oh that little elephant is so gorgeous! Love him!
    And happy pre-birth week!

  9. Oh those happy musical birds & happy late birthday!

  10. Juliette!!!
    I am loving your Elephant painting!! You are amazing!! So glad that I discovered your art! It makes me smile and talks to my soul!! Happy Happy birthday! I hope you have a magical day!

  11. i love your elephant like crazy!!!
    & how fascinating you birthed this wonder
    around your birthday…hmmm, somehow
    deeply of you! xox

  12. These are all great! I especially love the elephant's face and his perfect eyes! Beautiful.

  13. i love that your elephants eyes and toe nails are so fancy!

  14. Juliette your elephant is adorable!!!

  15. I am in love with your elephant with gold toes!!! He is melting hearts everywhere…


  16. the white elephant is a very auspicious animal. wise and patient, loyal and brave. i think you have painted a version of yourself. with gorgeous accessories, of course…

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