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Making Time for Art

 TITLE: Sea Change. The Original Painting and Prints are available in my etsy shop.
I’m feeling WAY too busy lately. Of course, the perfectionista in me wants to implement everything I’m learning in my Flying Lessons class right away.But too much business, and my creative side feels squelched. I thought cleaning my studio might help and then the wonderful sunshine, but still, I’m left feeling like even my beloved time in the studio painting is just another task.
I’m well aware that it’s NO good for me to battle my creative self and tell her how to create. So I decided that this week I would actually set a schedule and allow for solid blocks of time to play in the studio (YAY! Super Exciting, right?).

 But then, I got called in for jury duty. I felt crushed. This was going to be my get caught up on Flying Lessons and play in the studio week! And when one little thing like jury duty throws me off, I know I must already be feeling way too overwhelmed, (and covering it up well). 

 TITLE: Comfort. The Original Painting and Prints are available in my etsy shop.

Luckily (SO LUCKY), I only had to spend a few hours in the courtroom yesterday. But my reaction, “How am I ever going to find the time for it all!” rang loud and clear. I know, something must go. I’m not sure exactly what that will be or how it will happen. But being aware and admitting it makes me feel lighter.

I got out my list of goals and divided my long term goals into short term tasks that don’t feel so overwhelming. More importantly, I added a list of lifestyle goals. These included my passions, my commitment to living a creative life, and all of my reasons for why I’m doing everything I do in the first place! Being in the courtroom really made me appreciate my life and the decisions I make. It made me remember why I work so hard everyday to run my creative business. I’m remembering not everything needs to be done right now. That I can ask for help and maybe even hire help. And, I definitely need to take more time to paint and make it a real priority. But not in a task-master way. In a joyful, super loving and nourishing way. Creating makes me feel my best. I’m remembering I must honor that and give it the place in my life it absolutely deserves. 


  1. Sorry to hear you've been feeling this way, I get a bit like that to sometimes, the feeling like it has to be all done NOW!!
    It really doesn't though and you are right to step back a little and view the situation with a clear head.

    You sound like you are on the right track now, you go girl!! 🙂

    Micki x

  2. i LOVE sea change, by the way!!!
    & when beauty is pouring out of you,
    like the sea, it is disturbing to
    have all these other things pop up
    & seemingly barge in for your
    attention & time! (ohhh, i can't stand
    being called in for jury duty for
    all these same reasons!).
    ok, dear one, there's nothing left to do
    but look around your beautiful sea
    & see what there is to see
    & keep swimming & believing
    that the sunshine will
    open something wonderful up for you
    to keep brightening & blooming into.

  3. thank you, ladies. i'm definitely taking a few days for myself to hike and do yoga 🙂

    xo, juliette

  4. so glad you are finding the time for YOU!

  5. Good for you! Goal setting really can work wonders…. you wrote them down, right?

  6. yep, denalee. i'm super nerdy about being organized sometimes, so i have spreadsheets and word docs for all sorts of things and then notebooks for my short term to-do lists. super nerdy 🙂

  7. I LOVE those deep pink peonies!

  8. Wonderful when poweruful insights come rushing in..awesome! Yay…enjoy!

  9. Hi, i love the peonies too, lovely and your new piece wonderful. So annoying when you have a perfect creative/restful plan and it gets disturbed! I do hope you find some more time this week to play. BTW Im super nerdy too, i have those flipchart post its so i can write on big paper and then stick it to my studio wall….very satisfying and a good reminder of what my goals are for the upcoming months!

    Have a great day. xxx

  10. i like that idea, louise 🙂

  11. hoping you find time to create, create, create, play, play, play!!

    when things screw my “schedule” up….i always try to tell myself there is a reason for it and to just ride it out and hopefully appreciate whatever that reason may be! and it sounds like you used that time wisely in the courthouse!!!

    your “sea change” is so precious….i just LOVE it!!! and i love your banner and the look of your blog and the cute pic of you!!!

    happy creating my friend

  12. Dearest Juliette, i am also struggling with time management since i dont have a flexible work schedule. I am really looking forward to this week's class with sweet Kelly! I hope you do find some time this week! Loving your new painting {as always} and that gorgeous flowers photo! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!


  13. Love these last two paintings… Comfort is especially appealing to me…

  14. Juliette Thank you for visiting my blog, yours is really very interesting, I like your way of making art. The world I think is very sweet. I think you love nature like me, than good. Marvelous country will continue to visit your blog. Greetings

  15. your blog is so amaaazing!!!

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