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loving the work you do + a new painting

TITLE: By The Light of the Musical Moon (SOLD!) Prints available in my etsy shop
Last weekend, I went to a cabin up north for some rest and relaxation with friends in the woods. I had a ton of fun boating and swimming and reading all day on the porch. And I’ve got lots and lots of sunshine filled photos to share with you soon! 
But a funny thing happened on this trip. It was the first time I went away and brought my art supplies. And I realize now, I might be a bit obsessed with painting. 
I hear people say all of the time that they can’t go more than a few days without at least sketching, if not painting. For me, it’s always been that I love to go off and explore and meet new people on vacation and then I come back into my studio and allow those new experiences to filter into my art. Two very separate processes.
But this weekend was different. I wanted to paint the entire time! And when I wasn’t painting, I was thinking about it. 
And for the first time in my entire life, I realized I actually love what I do. So much so that I want to be doing it all of the time, whether it’s actually creating or even the creative business side I used to not like so much. I love it all now!
by Janelle at Brimful Curiosities‘ daughter
And how could I not? When I get absolutely adorable mixed media drawings like this one in the mail as a thank you. Oh my gosh, this one made my week! I created my SUMMER and the BOOK DRESS painting for Janelle at Brimful Curiosities and it just made me so happy to get this lovely drawing from her daughter. (Anyone who enjoys writing and children’s books might like to check out Janelle’s blog too).
Thank goodness I went away last weekend with my art supplies. I had the most amazing time painting beneath an overhang on the cabin’s back porch while it rained. It was so incredibly perfect, and I swear I could do that for days straight!

 And of course this painting changed again and again. I layered acrylics, pastels, ink, vintage sheet music, and gold origami paper from my great aunt june’s collection. And then I ran out of time and submitted it to the color challenge like this. 
 TITLE: By The Light of the Musical Moon. Prints available in my etsy shop
Before I worked on her all weekend, until I was really happy with it and she ended up like this. I just couldn’t leave this little painting alone. I kept tinkering with the glitter background and the space around her face until finally, FINALLY, i adored her. 
I just love getting to that place where I feel my character looking back at me and really saying something. And this little one is certainly standing soft BY THE LIGHT OF THE MUSICAL MOON.
TITLE: ME and MY MONSTER. The Original Painting and Prints in various sized available in my etsy shop.
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  1. How great that you brought your painting stuff! And I adore your newest painting, it looks magical! Knowing that you love what you do is a great thing.


  2. that is so cool that you bought along your supplies and had a wonderful time. love your newest painting too.

  3. It sounds wonderful to paint outdoors…romantic and peaceful…the sounds of raindrops. I like this image…

  4. Love the musical moon and it's character… beautiful colors…

  5. This is such a beautiful piece. It's so playful and fun. Theresa

  6. sparkle-icious! delicious! gorgeous!
    great use of the great outdoors…

  7. I'm so thrilled to be part of the giveaway – your work is just amazing. I couldn't believe I had not already made it over here to follow – but I am now…in case you fly by 😉 to follow my Blog:
    or “like” my Fan/Biz page

  8. Beautiful pieces and great post:)

  9. Just wanted to say that my daughter loved seeing her picture posted on your blog. I think she may love to create as much as you do. I really like your newest piece, By The Light of the Musical Moon. The golden colors are very pretty.

  10. Hi lovely girl

    Forgot to say, your gorgeous print is up in my new studio, on one of my inspiration boards. You can see it here…

    Thanks for sending some sunshine over!

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