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Letting Go & Following What Comes Easily

Untitled. 9×12″ ~ Inks, acrylics, oils, pencil, pen on bristol paper.


Lately I’ve been inspired to let go and do what comes easily.

I was getting a bit bored with my flower patterned backgrounds, so I started to turn them into circles, which intuitively became my characters’ hair.

I will add layers and layers to the backgrounds to get rich colors. Sometimes I’ll have three layers of pink on one circle – a layer of neon pink ink on top of fuchsia and pyrrole red acrylic. Then, if I’m still not happy with the color, I will add another layer of india or acrylic ink I love – like quinocrodone magenta.

Little by little, this becomes a meditative process. So that when I am ready to add my character, I am already nearly finished with the body and hair.

The funny thing is that these meditative backgrounds and rich colors led me to focus more and more on my characters’ faces, making them even more human while using just a few basic colors.

That’s what I love so much about the creative process… if you let go and follow your inspirations, one thing can just lead you to the next.

Happy painting!

With love + gratitude,

Juliette Crane

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