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it's all about timing

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Lately, I’ve been thinking that timing really is everything. 

A few years ago, I wrote a novel about a girl who could jump into her drawings. I was one of 14 writers accepted into a 6 week writing workshop on the east coast. And when I finished my novel, I flew out to Washington DC to meet with my ideal literary agent. But then I got scared and burned out.

Because of that burn-out, I started painting in my backyard…ironically, that’s how all of my whimsical paintings began! Now I’ve been longing to return to writing again. But when I took time in February to reread my novel, my heart just wasn’t into it. So, I started a new writing project…(which I’ll share more of with you soon!). As I’ve been writing, I started these BIG paintings, but I couldn’t finish a single one!

So, I went back to my small paintings. And a funny thing happened…

I let go and started playing with paint again. I forgot about having any sort of my own style to maintain and just went with it!

Then, inspired by film-maker Tim Burton and class with Mindy Lacefield of Tim’s Sally, I found in the paint this character with a long face and nose. 

The original sketch was based on a chalk drawing I’d quickly done on the patio the other morning…a sketch of this character with a big head and boxy body, and little wings and feet. 

I wasn’t liking the feet in this painting, so i got rid of them with all of that white paint… 

and then the wings just grew and grew! 

You can see the inspiration from Tim Burton’s art there on the left.

Well, when I stepped back to take this photo, I realized just what this character was…it’s a character from my novel! 

Now I just can’t stop painting these Snooters (that’s what they’re named in my book)! It really took all of that painting BIG and writing and exploring before to get to the right place to paint these Snooters now. 

And I can’t wait to see where they go to next! 


ps. i can’t wait to paint with everyone in my upcoming HOW TO PAINT A GIRL ecourse. read what past students had to say and see some of their gorgeous artwork too on the testimonials page!

Register here for HOW TO PAINT A GIRL… class begins May 25!


pps. here are two of the BIG paintings i’ve been working on. both are still in-progress…reminders to enjoy and have faith in the process (and the journey)!

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Un panache de très jolies oeuvres…
    Gros bisous

  2. Absolutely awesome Juliette… I love how ideas sneak up on us like that through out art… your snooter is fabulous… and so happy that you are in such a wonderful space with your writing and painting… your work rocks…

    Jenny x

  3. LOVE this new art, + staying w/your joy in the small scale, + those big feathers, + YOUR timing. xox

  4. I really enjoyed this post, thankyou Juliette! 🙂 When we go with the flow, special things happen! Lovely how your writing is feeding into your painting, fantastic work!
    Jess xx

  5. Great story Juliette! I loved hearing about your journey. I remember you telling us about the novel you wrote at our byw meeting! And I absolutely adore the big painting with the girl with orange hair and the wings. It is so gorgeous! I think that may be my favorite painting of yours now.

  6. thank you! i'm definitely making time for it all…feeling like a window is open right now and i best walk through 🙂 best wishes!

  7. thanks, michelle! i feel like i've been waiting for so long for that novel to come back into my life, but not knowing what direction to take it. the girl with the orange hair has been in-progress for nearly a year now…she keeps evolving with time, but i know she'll always keep that hair! xoxo

  8. thank you, rachel! that means so much! remembering the simple things 🙂 xo

  9. i'm going to keep that at the front of my mind…”when we go with the flow, special things happen.” THANK YOU! xo

  10. Love it Juliette! You are an inspiration ;0).

  11. Love your Snooters and what you've been doing in class. What a fabulous story of serendipity! Carry on talented lady!! xo

  12. I loved reading about how you have broken trhough a wall here Juliet! It's also neat to read you paint in your backyard, do you have realowls that you see sometimes?
    Plus I always love your work it's so painterly and heartfelt. You have a deffinete style which I adore. Your book is one I will purchase when finished. Lucky you a writer and an artist! Hugs, Sanna
    ps: my husbands nick name for me the past 24 years ahas been “Snooter”! hehehe

  13. thank you for your kindness! there are owls in my backyard at night sometimes…it's lovely to hear them call back and forth to one another. i'm waiting to see a snow white owl here too…supposedly they've migrated farther south and into wisconsin 🙂

    that is so funny that snooter has been his nickname…the snooters in my novel are definitely a bit snooty and are reluctant to help the girl in my story.

    thank you again for the encouragement! xoxo

  14. thank you! there are a few more that i've been working on and will post soon too! xo

  15. Thank you for sharing your journey with timing. I love how it has all come together for you. I commented on your post from 3/23/12, a NEW Painting Video: How to Paint An Owl. Wasn't sure if you would see it. Anyway, so much fun to see your process and be inspired by you!

  16. thank you so much for your kindness! i'm so happy you enjoyed the painting video…i'm working on a few new videos for a NEW e-course and will post those soon too! xoxo

  17. Very cool! I'm eager to see them. :o) xx

  18. So glad you found your voice again and allowed the snooters their rightful place in your novel and now on your canvas.

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