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Ideas Are Alive & Elizabeth Gilbert

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to see Elizabeth Gilbert speak in Milwaukee.

I absolutely adore her and her writing. She is a HUGE inspiration.

So I was completely smitten when I was called on to ask my question, “How do you decide or know what ideas to follow?”

I got shivers at her answer when she said she believes ideas are alive.

She offered that ideas and your art must be listened to and respected. That ideas aren’t going to think you’re ready to receive them and take them seriously if you’re spending all day in your pajamas.

And I LOVED that idea!

As you may already know, I’ve been working on my own novel the last few years. Last April, I reread my manuscript and realized I had cut out all of my favorite and most imaginative parts from my book. So, I knew I had to go back and rewrite it.

But, again, I wasn’t ready.

The first time I saw Elizabeth Gilbert speak during her Eat, Pray, Love book tour, I got tears in my eyes. I felt so strongly that I needed to finish and publish my novel, but it just was not the right time.

Now I know I had to dedicate my creativity to my paintings and following all of my art ideas (including my first art and inspiration book that is currently in the works).

I have cleared space in my schedule again to get back to my novel. And this time I am not going to show up in my pajamas. This time I am ready to completely embrace, include and rewrite all of my most imaginative details and characters… and I cannot wait to see what it all turns into.

And I cannot wait to share it all with you too!

Thank you so much for all of your support and encouragement! Without you, I believe I wouldn’t have the courage, strength and confidence in my creativity to listen to these ideas.

Happy creating!

Juliette Crane


Ps. I arrived early so I could get a front seat for Elizabeth Gilbert, which gave me lots of time to work on a digital collage.

The one led to many and rekindled my love for taking my photos and paintings and layering them together with the superimpose app (a perfect way to pass a little time and stay creative).


  1. Loved this post! I also have seen Elizabeth Gilbert speak on a few occasions and I have to say…most inspiring talks EVER!!! I remember speaking to her while she signed my book and I told her I wanted to be a writer like her one day…we finished up our chat and it wasn’t until I got out to my car that I looked in my book to see what she had written. “To Patricia…who is already a writer.” Of course, the tears came…but the message is something I’ve never forgotten. You have to believe you are worthy and that you are enough just the way you are…then work really hard 🙂 but you can’t call yourself a writer or artist if you never write or paint or draw. Thanks for the reminder to take off my pajamas and show up.

  2. Ah, Juliette! What a lovely post <3

    What a profound statement, " … if you're spending all day in your pajamas." Sigh.

    Admitting I live in mine until I have to go get my son from school. I must post a reminder of this to myself all over the house! I do believe it can make a difference…

  3. I love Liz, too! She came to Sydney a few months ago, but when I found out, the seats were all gone :.(

    Her TEDTalks are very inspiring!

  4. Sounds fabulous! She is so inspiring in many ways. I would love to see the collage you made.

    • thanks, chandra. the collage I made is the blue girl above… the last image with the rainbow overhead. so inspired and it will always remind me of seeing elizabth gilbert and the glitter I felt when she gave me a hug and smiled 🙂

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