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Bliss Mixed Media – Early Bird Sale + Finding Your Voice

I’m so excited to announce Early Bird Registration is now open for the upcoming session of Bliss Mixed Media Painting where we’ll be painting lots of whimsical animals, abstract portraits and so much more.

Find More Details, Read Testimonials and Register Here.

In this online painting class, I share many different mixed media projects that cover a variety of techniques and characters so you can easily create whatever whimsical animal or character that is unique to you and paint in your own style.

I’ll also take you with me on-location in videos and photos, so you can keep finding your own inspirations and developing your own artistic voice.

We’ll play with painting backgrounds and layering, experiment with lots of different art supplies, loosen up with drawing and coloring in our sketchbooks and have fun bringing all of these paintings to life. It’s all about giving you a place to begin, so your imagination can wander.

This is the perfect class for beginners or for those looking to loosen up and feel more relaxed in your art.

Here are the details:
* Class starts August 7th
* 6 Month Payment Plans Available
* 2 year access to the classroom
* Forever access to our online community, so you’ll always have a place to connect and feel supported with your artistic journey

Registration closes August 15.

I launched Bliss Mixed Media because I was hearing from so many students that they wanted to feel more relaxed with their artwork and learn to let go. Painting in my sketchbook has been one way that I have loosened up with my artwork.

Because it is so easy for me to overwork a painting.

If I see a large pocket of open space in my artwork, I get this urge to fill it up.

Another way I learned to not overwork a painting was to take photos of my work in progress.

So often I would look back and know that it looked better before.

Now I take a little time out before I fill in an open space or cover something up.

I look at the rest of the painting and see if it really needs the extra texture or markings. I question if the reason I want to cover it up is just because I’m painting something new and uncomfortable (that’s usually when I’m onto something good).

I’m constantly covering up my paintings, but I like to do it consciously. Sometimes it’s just something I have to do to get out a feeling.

But so often I am happy to have the old photos too, so that I have a new place to begin from again… in the next painting.
If you’ like to learn to let go in your paintings, you can find details and register for Bliss Mixed Media here.

With love + gratitude,
xo, Juliette


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PPs. The sale spaces for Business For Creatives are more than half filled. Class begins September 3rd.

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