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How I Develop My Style

Collector Of Dreams. 11×14″ on aquabord.(SOLD).
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Whenever I feel like my paintings are all starting to look the same I pay attention to what I’m admiring every day and start adding that to my artwork.

I might be admiring the birds in a blue sky, the stars at night, the diamond pattern on a women’s blouse, the hot pink skirt in my closet or the blue of a Chagall painting. So I add some of that to my next painting.

For this owl painting, I started cutting out the diamond shapes I admired on a wall. I cut them out using some of my favorite papers… sheet music and origami papers.

When I add something new to my artwork, I also make sure to keep a few things that I’m loving from my past work. That way I stay in my comfort zone and feel okay trying something new.

This also helps me build on my current style rather than always feeling like my artwork is spinning in too many new directions that might not look like my own.

Trying something new often leads me to ugly paintings. But it helps me push myself and my style. The things I am admiring and drawn to are never exactly the same or in the same way as anyone else.

By adding my inspirations and admiration to my artwork I can keep making it my own and evolve my style.

And, if I get too frustrated, I go back to just what I was having fun with and painting before.

Of course, if you have your own tips or tricks to share on how you get over creative blocks and develop your style — I’d love to hear that too! I’ll be sure to look for your comments at the end of this post.

Happy painting!

Juliette Crane

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  1. Thanks for this post , it’s really helpful ! I’m currently stuck in a rut and this has given me ideas! Thanks! X

  2. I am really sad to see that Collector of Dreams has been sold. I have been admiring your work for a few years and especially like your owls. I LOVE Collector of Dreams and don’t think I saw it anywhere before this blog post. So I’ll keep looking and pay closer attention. I’m ready to have an original in my home.

    P.S. I like the 11 x 14 size.

  3. Love this tip! 🙂 Thank you for making wonderful art.

  4. Great ideas. I keep an empty book always at hand so I can add ideas, thoughts, lines from songs, or poems and sketches to it. Then I can flip through it and get ideas for my paintings.

    • that’s such a great idea! i do the same things with my journal… at the back so I don’t lose my place 🙂 i use to just write down things as I’d go but then I could never find what I was looking for. best wishes, lindy!

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