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how art heals + the beauty of friendship

TITLE: Majestically, She Speaks. Prints available in my etsy shop.

I found out earlier this week that one of my best girlfriends is in the hospital. My heart dropped when I heard. I had already started this painting and decided to continue it in her honor as she heals. 
It is all about healing, having and holding grace, and the beauty of being, especially during difficult times in our lives.
 Ironically, I began this piece with the intention that it would hold and honor all of my hopes and dreams. I wrote them out on slips of paper and pasted them onto a canvas in honor of my journey. 
There is a great freedom I feel whenever I write down my feelings and I’ve found putting them into a painting adds an extra strength and commitment to these words. I hadn’t realized when I began this painting, just how powerful these dreams and prayers needed to be.
 Because this piece evolved.
 Those dreams became embedded with paints and pastels.
 And then this girl emerged wearing her bright orange skirt and a butterfly belt, that’s meant just for flying.
 And then she changed. 
And for awhile she had these white orbs dancing around her crown. 

And through the evolution, I felt my emotions peeling away, uncovering deeper and deeper. Through the process, I found my peace.  I found my own healing.
And when this pixie girl emerged she seemed just perfect. Her butterfly belt got covered, so you could only catch sight of the butterfly inlay in the right light. The flower stayed, and sometimes I wondered whether she was hiding her hands or offering a prayer. Now I see it is both.
 Painting this piece taught me the nature of how ART HEALS.  It reminded me of the grace in our every day. The blessings of friendship. And the tenderness we must give ourselves and show others. 
My heart goes out to all of you who need a bit of grace in your own lives right now.  


  1. Thank you for sharing this beautiful post! I hope your friend is ok! Thinking of you~
    And thank you again for this!! You inspire me beyond words! 🙂

  2. Great post, love your process of painting!!

    So sorry to hear about your friend though, I hope whatever it is isn't serious and that she is well again soon!!

    Micki x

  3. That is a really sweet piece. Thank you for allowing us a window into your process. Very cool.

  4. thank you for all of your kindness! my best friend IS recovering. she had a brain tumor removed, but is healing quickly.

  5. You are an amazing woman and artist. I love seeing and hearing about your process and your friend is most certainly going to recover quickly with the kind of love and support she is surrounded by! Love to you both!

  6. I think you are amazingly talented, and I hope that each of your wishes and dreams come true. Again, I love seeing your process. It frees the recovering perfectionist in me to allow my work to transform, as each is supposed to. Sending healing thoughts to your friend.

  7. what a gorgeous demonstration of
    such healing! LOVE it, dear one!

  8. This is lovely 🙂 thank you so much for sharing your beautiful story… this will make your friends heart smile !!!

  9. Such a wonderful post. I loved you put your dreams in your creation, such deep meaning and precious. Its so great seeing how your lovely lady evolves and appears to make us smile. xx

  10. perfect post for the day I've been having…hope all is going well and recovery is on its way for her.

  11. Beautiful piece and wonderful post. Wish for a speedy recovery for your friend Big Hugs ♥

  12. What a beautiful process. So good xx

  13. so sorry to hear about your friend. I love your process on this new piece, as always your work is charming and magical! xx's

  14. She's beautiful… I hope your friend recovers swiftly…

  15. I loved your process of painting Juliette. Hi and how are you. Hope all is okay and I do hope that your friend has a speedy recovery. Take care.

  16. this is awesome Juliette, hold onto those dreams tight Xx

  17. Peace and healing to your dear friend.
    WOW, what a journey you take through you painting!I thought they were several pieces, what a wild ride:)
    Thanks for sharing.

  18. Hi fellow flyer, i was on Kelly Rae's course too!
    Your post is so interesting, thanks for sharing the process, I'll try, this is a time in my life when I really need art's healing power. Hope your friend is OK now.

  19. Very cool… love seeing the creative process. (-:

  20. It is wonderful to see each step of the way. I love that you embedded dreams into the canvas. How lovely that this is dedicated to your friend, may she heal swiftly!

  21. oh wow!! wonderful work….this is a great post on your journey to the finished piece!!!

  22. lovely and this will most certainly get her on the path of healing 😉

  23. I love seeing your process, and the end results of the picture and your feelings are wonderful.

    Good luck to your friend. One of my friends had a brain tumor removed too, and she is doing so much better. It takes time and patience though, so good luck through the recovery too.

  24. wonderful painting and process!

  25. Sorry I'm late to the blog post comments. I came to talk about the prints I got in the mail today and got sidetracked by this post. At first I was sad that your dreams and goals got covered up with paint and pastels. But the more I thought about, the more I realized just how powerful that makes this painting – and what meaning it holds. What an amazing process!

    So I went to the post office today to pick up a parcel that had been waiting almost two weeks for me to pick it up. The clerk checked my number in their computer and said, “oh if it isn't the lovely Deb Mallett.” Then he brought out the parcel and I realized why he said that. So sweet! He said it had made his day when they got it and so he had typed it that way into the post office computer. So you made his day and you made mine too. I love the prints!

    Sorry to take so much of your comment space. Just wanted to say that your owls speak to me somehow and was very happy to see them in the mail.

    (Hope your friend is going to be ok.)

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