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HOPE GLOWS- a NEW whimsical owl painting

HOPE GLOWS. 5×5″ on Wood.
The Original Painting (SOLD)
Prints available in my etsy shop.

this little owl is one that just makes me smile.

i felt like experimenting with a bunch of papers and new acrylic paint colors the other day. and so i took all of my supplies out and played in my studio.

the thing i most loved about this painting was the way the bleeding art tissue worked with the added layers. 

for my background, i layers blue, red, pink and orange bleeding art tissue with a bit of white gesso. once that dried, i started to sketch my owl and colored it in with acrylic paint.

i wanted to keep the look of the bleeding art tissue paper and color, but add a bit of neon so that the owl would look like it was glowing. i knew that once i brushed on my top coat, the bleeding art tissue paper would show through the layers of acrylic i’d added, so i let that spontaneity work for me to define parts of my owl.

as a last touch, i applied some of my favorite gold glitter.

HOPE GLOWS. 5×5″ on Wood.
The Original Painting (SOLD)
Prints available in my etsy shop.

this little white owl is all about letting your true colors shine, knowing that passion and doing what you love can carry you anywhere in life because your HOPE GLOWS.


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  1. as always…..gorgeous!
    hey, i think i owe you an email.
    it came in when i was traveling and
    i just thought about it. i am so sorry
    will send you a note soon.

  2. He's beautiful! I love how soft and bright it is at the same time. It does glow!

  3. Juliette,

    Wow, your work is stunning! Love Hope glows!! Totally gorgeous! Is it okay to add a photo on pinterest?

    And thanks for the friend request on facebook!!

    Incredibly beautiful!
    🙂 Kris

  4. thanks, kris! it's absolutely lovely if you'd like to share my artwork on pinterest…if you could include my name and a link to my website that would be perfect.

    lovely to connect with you!

  5. She's lovely… she really glows with a softness… like a photo that has been purposefully altered to appear somewhat out of focus… Soft focus?

  6. love all your owly glowy.
    hmmm, owl has all but one letter of the word “glow” in it. 🙂

  7. Oh, I think of all your owls, this is truly my favorite. She glows!

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