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With my brother’s surprise visit and lots of family time and events, I’ve been thinking a lot about the meaning of HOME and just how that changes as we grow.

This painting is one that I had no idea what it would turn into when I started. But soon, the black sea and matching night sky filled in and continued around the sides of the canvas. Then, as I was paging through my vintage wallpaper books looking for fabric for the outfit, I found this adorable little house that seemed to be the perfect fit as a sandcastle on the beach. And then I realized, this piece is all about HOME.

More photos and details of my new ORIGINAL MIXED MEDIA PAINTING “HOME” in my ART SHOP!
Archival prints of HOME are also available.


  1. just look at this sweetie!
    home indeed!
    i just want to hug this being.

  2. This is beautiful – and is just what happens to me when I draw – my art takes on a life of its own and goes on its own voyage of discovery x

  3. I really enjoy seeing other people's interpretation of home; nicely done!

  4. Wonderful painting, such a great face too!!

    Micki x

  5. Home is always our comfort. No matter where we travel we are always so glad to get back home. Thank you for sharing your inspiration. Happy creating…

  6. I love this character and his such affectionate glance.!

  7. i love this! something about it tugs at my heart 🙂 well done!

    x jessy

  8. lovely! reminds me of the time I spend travelling, but kind of wishing I was at home.

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