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happy 2012!

well, i had no intention of staying away from my blog for all of last week. but just before the new year i caught a bit of a cold and it along with bringing in 2012, has really been just what i needed to sit back and reflect on the whole of last year.

2011 was HUGE. i don’t think i’ve ever learned so much about myself and just what i want in my life. when i started this blog and got my creative business going in January 2010, i had no idea just what would be possible, and i am so happy to have followed my heart and passion.

in 2011, i know i worked a lot. it’s been hard not to because i adore what i do and am delighted to see it all bloom! especially when i am lucky enough to hear from all of you that you’re finding it all inspiring too! 

but now that i’m still nursing this cold with so much fresh carrot juice, green smoothies, my favorite red thai curry and homemade teas of ginger, garlic and thyme (sounds bad, but it has seriously helped)…i know that i need to practice more balance.

looking back at 2010 is amazing! and i am so proud of 2011… 

started selling my artwork at hatch art house in madison
co-taught the flourish e-course with illustrator, stephainie fizer coleman
headed to an artful journey, took a class from jess reno, and roadtripped the california coast with beth and louise
invited to teach my how to paint an owl workshop at artfest 2012 (coming right up!)
hosted an incredible art and music event with brian at the evp coffeehouse
had my first downtown art show at the ARTspace gallery in madison
visited st paul minnesota for the creative connection event and pitched to licensing and textile industry experts
had an art show and opening at bloom bake shop
met oprah and ekhart tolle in chicago at a live taping of life class
invited to contribute artwork to the my owl barn calendar
launched my first-ever collection of wearable art lockets
created my first-ever calendar (for 2012)
had my she stands out painting stolen from the ARTspace gallery in madison (i do still wonder where it is)
invited to teach with tam and lots of amazing artists for LIFE BOOK 2012!
began selling my prints, lockets and cards at lovely stockists in the UK!
took the blogging your way e-course with holly becker of decor8 + updated my blog!
scheduled tuesdays and thursdays as my official painting days each week!
spent a creative weekend in chicago with fabulous bloggers from the blogging your way e-course 
scheduled bi-monthly field trips for myself  + took a trip to the international crane foundation
featured on Glamour UK
launched my how to paint a girl e-course (beginning january 20, 2012!)
and of course all of the painting!!!   

kind of AMAZING!

yet even with everything that has been so incredible in 2011, the thing that i have most learned is to take time for myself, brian, family and friends and to really enjoy it all. that was my intention for 2011... to enjoy more in my every day. 

but while this last year has been all about moving forward and getting so excited about accomplishing everything i am passionate about, at the end of the year i realized that with hard work and so much wishful thinking, everything will always fall into place. 

right now, i feel completely abundant. there’s nothing more i need, but to sit back more often and enjoy it all in 2012. 


  1. Wow, you have had amazing achievements is 2011 – I'm reading them and thinking I will write a list that long at the end of this year! you are an amazingly inspiring women, I'm so glad I found your work!
    I wish you all the best for 2012!

  2. thank you! it's really something to see everything in that list together and so helps me focus on what i'd like to bring more of into my life for 2012! best wishes! and good luck with everything!

  3. Congrats on all your accomplishments! You have been such an inspiration to me and my journey into creative business ownership, so to see your shining success encourages me even more! Your art is wonderful! Wishing you love and light for a healthy and happy year….Manifesting Success in 2012 🙂


  4. thank you so much, carrie! hearing from you is so inspiring for me too! cheers to “manifesting success in 2012!”

  5. Love this post Juliette. Love that you realised everything always falls into place. It's superb.

    Happy new year lovely.

  6. Kind of amazing? Wow…absolutely amazing. Good for you. I love reading about peoples journey through the year…yours is inspiring! I am off to make my own list of dreams and wishes for 2012. Julie

  7. Wow, wow, wow, that's such an incredible list of accomplishments, so inspiring. Rest up lovely one though, sounds like you're doing all the right things to take good care of yourself now, and may you soon be back on your feet creating, continually happy, relaxed and inspiring us all for another incredible year ahead of realising all your dreams and aspirations. Happy New Year Juliette,
    Liza xxx

  8. What a wonderful year:O) Hope you start feeling better:O)

  9. That's a very impressive list! I hope 2012 turns out to be as successful in every way!
    Jess xx

  10. You've been a busy woman! Congrats on all of your accomplishments!

  11. congratulations!! what an awesome year for you!! love hearing artists accomplishments at the end of the year…very inspiring!!

    i wish you even more artistic success, good health and fun in 2012!!

  12. So proud of you and all the great things you accomplished last year! Cheers to a great new year!

  13. happy new year, juliette!
    you have been on my heart, strongly, recently!
    so it feels so good to be here, in your blog + garden of so many delights of your life!
    i would love to see your recipes for your green smoothies + your fav red thai curry!
    + womaaan, you met oprah?!! how awesome!
    + of course, your whole list is abundant!
    i'm sooo sorry i missed meeting you at the st.paul event/how i wish i did this!
    + your owls who keep being birthed/i love them all/owl. somehow they conjure up for me childhood associations…of stickers + candy that smells like strawberries + are the magic of glitter.
    lovelovelove to you.

  14. thank you for all of your kindness!

    I’m putting together lots of recipes as part of my HOW TO PAINT A GIRL ecourse and even doing a few cooking videos, which I’ve always wanted to do. I will definitely share some of them on my blog soon too! Here is one for my green smoothies…

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