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chasing rainbows

in the summertime, we love taking motorcycle rides through the country. and on this trip out to viroqua, wisconsin we found ourselves chasing rainbows!

five seconds before we pulled over to snap this photo, we both caught the double rainbow, looking incredible all arched over the kickapoo river…as an eagle flew by!

it was sad that the adorable red and green shops were closed by the time we got there, but i still admired the handmade aprons and sweet canisters in their shop windows.

and seeing the rainbows quite made the entire trip.


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  1. gorgeous shots.
    our winter is so grey.
    the rainbows of colour, summer light & bright shops, made me smile today.

  2. Wow I love these pictures – they're so gorgeous. A rainbow is just always lovely :o)

  3. happy to spread smiles…have a lovely weekend!

  4. So glad you visited Viroqua! I love living here. The rolling hills, farms, creeks, Kickapoo River, it's a gorgeous place to live, I feel very lucky to be here.
    It is too bad you missed the little shops, Pomegranate (red shop) and Tulips (green shop) are wonderful little stores with local handmade goodness! Tulips is a wonderful supporter of local artists and I love going in there and am always amazed at all the talent in our little town. Erica, one of the owners makes super cool clothes that she sews out of thrifted and found material/clothes.
    Our farmers market is amazing too. Not quite as overwhelming as the market on the square!
    Hope you swing through again sometime and check out more of the area.

  5. Oh how sweet – those pictures are wonderful!

  6. We also love to chase rainbows on our motorcycle rides. I have my own license to ride but I find I like being a passenger much more. As a passenger I get to take in all the beauty around me and not worry to much about being ran over. It give me a chance to clear my head and create in my mind, love, love, love it. Happy riding and creating!!

  7. Looks like a wonderful ride!

  8. juliette your photos captured lovely moments!

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