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Business For Creatives Spring 2018 Early Registration Is Open + Overcoming My Shyness

I used to be afraid to raise my hand in class.

I’d learned that my ways of thinking and seeing were different from everyone else. When I shared an idea, I was often laughed at or told it was impossible. So I learned to stay quiet and be shy.

When I was in the third grade we had an art project where we were supposed to recreate a scene from a farm. I was paired with a fourth grader and she completely took over and shot down all of my ideas. But there was one idea I just wouldn’t let go.

We had access to everything in the art room, and, in a box of fabric scraps, I found strips of leather. I wanted to use that leather to recreate the spots on the cows.

This, I think, must have been my first mixed media art piece.

Our painting ended up winning first place in a contest. The fourth grader completely took credit for the entire piece, but somehow I got to keep that painting. It hung above the stairs as I was growing up.

Every time I passed that painting, I quietly remembered that time I allowed my voice to shine. It took years and years before I gained my confidence again. 

That’s why now, it’s so important for me to share my artwork and creative process.  

Lately I’ve been reminded that my way of doing things is different. I’ve tried to box myself in and take perfect photos of my work on white backgrounds. But that just isn’t me. 

I finally realized that the out of the box thinking I had as a child, is what makes me so creative and unable to hold back now.  

To celebrate your creativity, I’m opening registration for the Spring 2018 session of Business For Creatives.

Sign up for Early Registration at $299 (limited spaces with code PASSION)… after that, the course will go back up to sale pricing of $399. Once those sale spaces fill, the class will return to full pricing of $499. 

Class starts February 11th and registration closes the first week of class.

Learn More and Register Here.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Happy painting!
xo Juliette

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