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Art Weekends & Letting Go

A few weeks ago I had an art weekend with my sister-in law.

We went to the art supply store and picked up a ton of spray paint, acrylic inks and other fun supplies.

Then we covered her driveway with an old table cloth and played.

She had all of these sheets of sticker paper that she never knew what to do with, so we laid them out, cut a few stencils from typing paper and went crazy with paint and color.

Then she grabbed a fern and a few leaves from the garden and started using them for stencils. She pulled out a table she’d found at a garage sale for $2 and painted that too.

It was all so inspiring and reminded me how much bliss can be found in the moment, especially when I am creating and having fun.

Once the driveway was covered with colored paintings, we wondered, “What are we going to do with all of these?” She thought she might cut out butterfly stencils, but it turned out the spray paint peeled off from the vinyl sticker paper.

However, in the process, she’d grabbed my acrylic inks, dripped them and then pressed two sheets of vinyl together to get an incredible rainbow. Those inked pieces didn’t peel off, which has now led her to paint more of those.

It was a little reminder that it doesn’t matter what you create or what you do with it afterwards. It’s all about having fun in the process and knowing the joy it can bring you in that moment.

And who knows where that might lead you.

Have you been painting anything new lately or trying out any new supplies? Id love to know… feel free to leave any supply suggestions or fun art weekend details in the comments of this post.

One of my other discoveries from this art weekend was using glitter nail polish. I had no idea it would stand up as the perfect sparkle over inks and acrylics.

Happy painting!

Juliette Crane

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  1. Oh, what fun!!! This is my idea of a perfect day, well spent. I wish I could have been there playing with you. I am so happy to have found you online.

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