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Travelling Art Supplies & Gratitude

Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it. -Roald Dahl 


If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know how much I love to travel. I especially love to paint at the beach, so I make it really easy for myself to carry art supplies while travelling.

But then my sister-in law went and made me the BEST gift ever!

She designed and handmade this art supply carrier (mostly out of paper). And it perfectly fits all of my favorite traveling art supplies.

Not to mention, it has a built-in sketchbook!

Here’s what my old travelling setup looked like… nothing very glamorous.

The main supplies I take with me whenever I’m on the go are:
* a travel-sized watercolor set
* 2 water-soluble oil pastels
* 1 oil paint stick
* a pencil and sharpener
* a white and neon pink paint pen (I love the water-based ones by Sharpie)
* sketchbook (lately I’ve been using bristol paper)

I always save the long baggies that Dick Blick mails their art supplies in and then wrap all of my supplies inside. Easy.

But this handmade carrier is so much better. And SO pretty!

I love that my sister-in-law used vintage wallpaper (the metallic kind with flocking) and washi tape for the edges.

And I cannot believe all of my supplies fit.

If you know the story of how I got back into painting again in 2009 (after being fired and not painting for years), you’ll remember that my sister-in-law also played a HUGE part in helping me get back my creative spark.

She gifted me with a few fabulous vintage wallpaper books. That inspired me to paint whimsical characters and cut-out their outfits from the paper (pretty much what started all of the whimsical paintings you see here). You can read more of that story here.

She also attended my first owl painting workshop here in Madison in 2010. If you’ve ever done something way out of your comfort zone, you know how important it is to have someone go out of their way to show up and support you through it.

I am so incredibly grateful for all of her support.

Do you have something you’ve been so grateful for this year?

The new year always gets me thinking about what I’ve been most grateful for this past year and what I’d like to see more of in the days ahead. I’ll be sure to look for your gratitudes and intentions in the comments of this post.

May your new year be full of positivity and inspiration!

Happy 2015!

Juliette Crane

Ps. If you’re looking for a little inspiration, you can see how I use some of these art supplies in my videos here.

I also play a lot with these travelling supplies in my online class Bliss – Mixed Media On Location. It’s a self-paced class, so you can join anytime. And, since all of my online classes share the same fb group, there is always a positive and supportive community creating with you!


  1. I LOVE the art carrier your sister in law made you!!! Is she ready to open an Etsy shop?

  2. Well, in terms of New Year reflections and gratitude and all that stuff, can I say I am grateful that right at the end of 2014 I stumbled across you and your work? This is why I love the internet, it’s like a treasure map. Have an awesome 2015, Juliette. Thank you for being so generous and inspiring.

  3. Oh Juliette! How awesome! What a blessing to have such a wonderful person in your life. She knows you well! I think we all need inspiration no matter who we are. I know you are forever grateful. It is, indeed, beautiful! Looking back over the past year (something we should all do) will show us so much to be thankful for; remembering the blessings that were given, lessons learned. You have been a blessing in my life! I will be forever grateful for the lessons learned and the gift of understanding “to paint until…” You have stressed the fact that it’s ok to just keep going if you don’t like what you see. Eventually, something will appear and make you happy. Thank you for sharing all of your adventures, the beautiful photos of color – all those flowers!!! – and especially the beach. The beach is my own personal respite. I have to “dream it” these days – we don’t travel, nor do my guys (Mike and Max) enjoy the beach like I do. But, that’s ok. I’ve been blessed with having been there and can remember. It’s such a joy to see your work, life, and appreciation for beauty on a constant basis. I look forward to what you will share in this new year. Blessings to you and yours!

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