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Abalone Shell Art Jewelry

I am super excited to share with you these abalone shell creations. When I found the original bracelet in my mom’s jewelry box, I had no idea what I would turn it into, but I loved the way the shells sparkled with rainbows in the light. And so, these pendents were born!

Each pendant features a high quality print of one of my original mixed media paintings that I’ve circled with black charcoal for a beautiful mixed media effect and then covered with a water-based sealant to protect the print from the elements. I attached loops to where the elastic used to go through and hung each pendent from a 24 inch small ball chain for an element of urban elegance that looks fabulous with a simple white t-shirt or tank.

Courage (SOLD!), Moon Belly & Earth Mother pendents, now available in my Art Shop!

(SOLD!) Vintage Abalone Shell Circle Cameo Necklace – COURAGE

Vintage Abalone Shell Circle Cameo Necklace – MOON BELLY

Vintage Abalone Shell Circle Cameo Necklace – EARTH MOTHER


  1. these are so very pretty.
    love the heart in the middle &
    fished out of your abalone shiny sea.

  2. So pretty and inspired, Juliette! I love how the shells frame the art so dramatically without overpowering it.

  3. Very pretty Juliette. You do such good work and I'm always happy to see it. Have a great rest of the week.

  4. That is so gorgeous!!! I think my favourite is the last one as the green in the print really compliments the green in the shell, gorgeous work!!

  5. They are so beautiful…

  6. These are absolutely beautiful!

  7. They are adorable!Love them!

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