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a sneak peek at new dreams!

it’s really kind of crazy when you realize a dream you’ve been aching for, but burying because it just seems too BIG! i’ve always dreamed of having my art on gorgeous fabrics for dresses, home decor and children’s clothing, but it just seemed impossible!

growing up, i remember having this toy that you could lay paper over image plates and rub a pencil stick on top to create a rubbing of different outfits. i created, i think, every outfit possible! and i always wished i could make my own!

then in high school i took an incredible sewing class! i dreamed of being a fashion designer. but i had no patience for sewing or following patterns…although i loved coming up with ideas for clothing and fabrics!

i actually made my own sun-dress! and when i didn’t finish it during class in time for my family’s vacation, i finished sewing the dress by hand during the entire car ride down to disney world… talk about having a vision!

then in west africa a few years ago, i designed all of these clothes (like the wrap-skirt above) and had them made by a seamstress out of my favorite fabrics that I’d found in the markets! 
envisioning clothing and fabrics together is just something i’ve always loved! this dream has been bubbling up again and after an incredibly inspiring conversation with louise and beth, i created this dream board because i so want to see my paintings on fabric! 
i included each piece of my dream and what has helped it bloom! 
for ages, i’ve been in love with the art of catalina estrada! and when i saw her art on fabric, my dream of having my own paintings on fabric just blossomed! 
then a few months ago, i watched an episode of iconoclasts with ed ruscha and stella mccartney. she was interested in using his art on fabric for her outfits…and my dream grew even BIGGER! 
now i’ve hung my dream board in my studio, so i don’t rebury this dream! and i am so excited to finally move forward with it all! 


  1. awesome! and don't forget spoonflower, which you could use to hone your vision on actual fabric!:

  2. thanks, sarah! i'll definitely look at spoonflower! i cannot wait!


  3. woohoo to Big Dreams and Dream boards (you know im a huge fan already!) I am so excited for this dream, the universe is hearing it already and making some moves, I just know it. I already see you wearing a floaty white skirt with your wonderful owls printed onto it. Let's make a plan that I'll interview you again in a years time and we can see what difference THIS fabulous year has made. Xx

  4. love that idea, louise! thank you 🙂

  5. How Exciting! I also thought of Spoonflower while reading your post. You sound very happy. Congrats on moving forward at making a dream a reality.

  6. LOVE this. You know I'm a sucker for anything fashion-related.

    I have a vision board that I keep at my writing desk as a reminder not to give up on dreams. It will happen for you! You've accomplished so much already.


  7. Good for you Juliette!! Love your dream board! What an inspiring post! And I remember that toy because I had it too. . . I think it was called “fashion plates”! lol I loved it!

  8. Thanks for sharing your story. The board is amazing. Following your heart takes courage. Way to go.

  9. thank you!

    i was wondering, cathy, if anyone would remember that “toy.” and after a google search…yes! they are called fashion plates and they're still out there!

  10. Hmmm, i'm often dreaming about my designs on fabric as well, and how exactly they should be. There are companies who offer custom prints, but they are quite expensive. But still, this is a dream worth following Juliette. Your owls would be so cute for children fabrics. And i love your vision board – i want one too! Have a fab weekend!

  11. Fantastic Juliette! I love vision boards. Our family made a huge one several years ago to manifest a family trip and it turned into a 7 month journey up the West Coast from San Diego to Canada and then down into Southern Mexico. We homeschooled our girls ( then 11 and 15) along the way and it is a shared experience we will always treasure. Last year I created a board which brings together my long term dreams of running creative retreats around the world and having my art recognised from afar. I included pics of exotic places, happy participants, affirmations of my own talent and photos of artists running workshops and painting. There is a great photo Of Flora on it and here we are a year and a bit later and guess who will be staying at my house next month, running her Bloom True workshop for 18 lucky women?!You've put it out there and so it will be!! 🙂

  12. Inspiring! Dreams can come you may already know..featuring your blog and your art in magazines…next ..fabric…I share with you that dream. I used to sew and think of fabric designs that were not available. My sister told me ..”then you should design fabric”..but I thought that was impossible…Now I know…after a life..that can be possible..Looking forward to see this your dream come true…keep up the faith and the drive.

  13. Did you hear about the contest going on on Spoonflower right now? Michael Miller Fabric is looking for a new artist. I think it is called Project Selvedge. You should check it out. It goes until the 24th I think.

  14. that's pretty amazing…i'll have to check out that contest! a dream come true 🙂

    thank you so much for mentioning it!!!

  15. What a wonderful dream! Dreams do come true. You know because you have been having your other dreams come true. All you have to do is believe…

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