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a roadtrip celebration!

i’ve been so busy these last few months preparing and hosting my very first How To Paint An Owl e-course… now that things wrapped up last week, i needed to take a bit of time to celebrate! 

and what better way to celebrate than with a little roadtrip!

so we hopped in an RV and drove south!

the weather was stormy, but it made for gorgeous photos…

especially when the sun crept out…

and the sky lit up over the land.

all of the trees were already in bloom…

and the farmlands went on forever.

there’s just something so freeing about taking a roadtrip…

driving without any particular destination…

but certain you’ll find something beautiful along the way.

and after all of the driving and the rain, it was sweet to find ourselves in galena, il. for the evening. we stayed in a beautiful state park along the mississippi and ate the best mac & cheese at a little spot for dinner.

you never know what you’ll find.


  1. The healing powers of a roadtrip. We got married in Galena, so i have a soft spot for that little town.

  2. how sweet you got married there! it's adorable and many great little shops! we stopped in on a weekday so most of it was closed…a good reason to go back 🙂

  3. Looks gorgeous and sounds so fun!

  4. Road trips are so good for the soul!

  5. I like your stormy sky photos. The first one with the power lines set against the dark clouds could be inspiration for a great painting!

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