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a painting in progress

lately i’ve been painting a lot of girls with red hair again. it’s what i started out with for most of my characters and it feels like the perfect time to go back to it.

yet, i can’t always seem to get these girls right. this red head started out all mysterious…almost as if she’s coming straight out of the graveyard book by neil gaiman

she felt far too dark black for me. so i lightened her up. 

she started to take shape again and i loved that she seemed to be walking away from some big, dramatic city…

but she still wasn’t right, so i completely covered her up and brought back the red hair and gave her some braids.

and when i didn’t like that, i went back to black. i filled almost everything in and quickly this girl came about.

she sort of seems to be walking into or out of an ocean in the night. i’m not sure where she’ll be going next, but i love wherever she is headed.


i’ll be back from my art and travel time in england later this week! and cannot wait to share all of the photos with you!


  1. that was very cool seeing your painting progression!

  2. So cool watching how your developed her! Beautiful!

  3. Love her Juliette! And I love seeing your process! Good to know I am not the only one who erases and changes alot during a painting! She is lovely already! 🙂

  4. i can't believe you are back already! i hope it was filled with plenty of good

  5. Juliette, I love that you've been showing us how your paintings evolve and sort of become who they are meant to be! I love your work and will definitely keep coming back to check out all of your new stuff!

  6. wow!! I thought I was the only one that did that!! … And I was embarrassed! Love the Honesty and feelings you show us and wright about!!! xxoo

  7. Plein de douceur et de sensibilité dans cette peinture…

  8. yay for redheads!!!

  9. Your art is so amazing and I love seeing your progression. The transformation is truly intriguing. I love your art!!!

  10. each image could be a painting in itself. with each change i exclaim “oh, like that one best”, then “ooh that one”, and so it goes.
    i think it is a story, like: a girl goes to a city and meets an angel, she finds peace. Beautiful inspiring.

  11. I love to see how you went back and forth in your process. It made me feel better…since I often do the same thing. 🙂 I love her red hair!!

  12. guess my post ran away, love this little girl and thanks for taking the time to post your thought process andthe steps you took.

  13. you really inspire me! just to keep trying… and trying until i get what i want in my my life too!

  14. I love your red hair girls 🙂

  15. thank you so much! i can't wait to share with you the progression of some of my paintings from flora's class at the do what you love retreat! some amazing stories came out of the one i'm almost done with too 🙂

    best wishes, everyone!!!

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