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a new painting-the lovely Lady Moon!

LADY MOON. Prints and the Original Painting available in my etsy shop.

This little lady is one that just had to be. It was almost as if she just came straight from the sky and landed on my painting, without question. 

Lady Moon is a guardian. She radiates beauty and positivity. She visits wherever she is needed and radiates calm and joy with her presence. She knows she will be missed once she is gone, but a simple visit is a chance in a lifetime. And all you need to do is call on the lovely 

 If you look closely, you can see all of the layers and little details I’ve added to this piece using lots of supplies from my studio- acrylic paints, pastels, watercolors, ink, pencil, spray paint, and origami paper!

On top, I applied an antique decoupage for added softness and then finished the piece with a thin layer of encaustic wax to protect LADY MOON from the elements.

I’m still not quite sure why there needed to be those windmills lining the horizon. They sort of remind me of the mirrored plastic pinwheels I had as a kid and loved to place in the flower garden.


Thank you so much for all of your support and kind comments about all of my new paintings that I’ve added to my shop! I’ve been taking some time to create a few new fun things with my artwork on them…lockets, little teapots and journals too! 

I cannot wait to share those with you soon! 


  1. Love the blueness around her like an aura. magical presence.

  2. Ah…She's blissful and serene Juliette! Wonderful details throughout.

  3. She is beautiful! And thanks for sharing the in progress photos. Love seeing those. 🙂

  4. She makes me smile…boy was she looking in my windows last night…I thought the outside lights were on…we have heard since childhood…the man in the moon…so I'm lovin' Lady Moon

  5. So nice Juliette! I love it.

  6. I enjoy seeing your process, thanks for sharing.
    I have been to busy t take your paint an owl class… waahhh I'm so behind with other online classes. I thought I would have So much time this summer. mabe i'll take the next one.. But I've requested your class at artfest anyway… can't wait

  7. that would be so fun to see you at artfest!

    i'm hosting another session of how to paint an owl in the fall too…so if you have more time then i'd love to paint together 🙂

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