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Awaken :: A NEW Painting From Start To Finish

Awaken. 9 x 12″ on Paper. Click here to visit my shop.


Lately I am just loving to paint these characters with more human faces.

I love exploring the duality between physical and nonphysical worlds and how the two can exist together.

I am inspired by Renaissance portraits with their very realistic portrayal of the human form. The eyes and face always seem so soft, expressive and so telling.

In this piece, I chose to keep the facial features more realistic and then really abstract the body and external world using neon colors. I wanted to show how we can remain in this very solid, human form but all thoughts and experiences exist both within and around us.

I love beginning these pieces with simple circle shapes. Creating the pattern is very meditative. It reminds me to keep things simple.

From there, I always pencil in my character’s face, body and hair.

But it takes layers and layers before I connect with the painting. I like to paint until I feel the feelings in whatever I create.

At first, the character often looks more like a cartoon. I like to keep the light hardheartedness and freedom in that initial face, but add depth and realism with more layers.

I’m finding joy in following what I love and remembering there is no right or wrong way.


Juliette Crane


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  1. I love your work. I got the newsletter and you mentioned a giveaway, the link took me here but I don’t see anything about it. Thanks!

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