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a NEW Mixed Media Painting from start to finish

Original Painting 11×14″ on Canvas Board (SOLD). Prints available in my etsy shop.

this was one of those paintings where i had to just let my judgement go and let the creativity flow. 

i have no idea what the cat ears are about. and the rainbow at the center happened in a moment. after all day and getting stuck, i woke up the next morning at the cabin in the woods and had the fleeting thought that i should draw a rainbow. my mind kicked in and said, “then it will look like a Care Bear.” and, if i remember right, the Rainbow Care Bear really was always my favorite. so i thought to myself, “maybe that’s just what this painting is about”…everything i loved as a child.

here’s how the painting evolved from start to finish…

and after that rainbow fell into place, i knew this painting was pretty much finished.

Original Painting 11×14″ on Canvas Board (SOLD). Prints available in my etsy shop.

Once a cat, a human, a bird and a lion, this woman knows just how mixed up it can feel to attempt to be everything to everyone at once. She’s learned to be just as she is, and whispers to you…YOU ARE ENOUGH.


ps. i’ve been busy working on my next online painting workshop and wondering…what is YOUR biggest challenge when it comes to creating? i’d love to hear your thought
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Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Interesting development. Thanks for sharing your colorful free-flowing artwork. Love it.

  2. Oh I LOOOOVE your art!!! So nice to see all the stages. My favorite is the third painting;) love the strong colors in it! Greez from Conny

  3. Thank you for sharing your progress. What I love most about your painting is the imagination, the stories they tell.

  4. I really love this one Juliette…if I could afford her I would buy her right now!! <3 Beautiful as usual.

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